Friday, March 10, 2006

Breaking News!

Mom took Scooby out to the Jeep to put him in it to take him to the vet for his weekly blood-sugar tests (he's the diabetic one). Well, Scooby hops a lot. He hops in the morning, he hops in the evening, he hops for food, he hops for a walk, he hops to get attention, he hops when he's happy.

He hopped on the door lock button.

My schnauzer is now sitting in the Jeep, looking around, rather bored, waiting for my mom to come back from the Jeep house with a new key so we can get him out.

Yeah, her purse and both sets of keys were in there with him.

As soon as we liberate the dog we're going book shopping (Half-Price). Wooo!


  1. My dog has done that. And he has opened the power windows while we are driving. And my other dog has figured out how to stand on his back paws and press the handle to open the screen door. And once when he was in the collapsable, zip-up portable traveler, he unzipped it and pranced proudly out like a canine Houdini.

  2. That's just a cute picture!

  3. Hmmm...a visit to Half-Price Books sounds like a good time. Maybe I'll do that after work today.

  4. HAHAHA...that was funny. My dog just pooped everywhere.

  5. Cher, he's spoiled rotten. He ended up in the car for an hour or so. Luckily the weather was pleasant...not too hot, not too cold.

    Quill, I'm sure he'll be opening windows next! What kind of dogs do you have?

    Os, he's sexy. He knows it.

    Elise, it was a GOOD TIME. I got an assload of books. Will post more about that in a bit.

    Awww, Anti. I call our weenie dog "the piss monster" because...well...he is.

  6. he looks so cute there- did he get too hot?

  7. sorry- i just read that he didnt - ok well he still looks cute!

  8. LOL, it was early. Before all the 80-degree'ness. Have I mentioned I hate TX weather? But the Mexican food is so good.

  9. I have a two year old pure Beagle and a nine month old mix, I was told he was cocker and springer spaniel, but I think he is a collie/wolf mix.

  10. Quill,
    I bet they're adorable! Besides the schnauzer I have a one-eyed weenie dog and a poodle/terrier mix that's 16 years old. It's a fun crowd.

    I bet the wolf/collie is gorgeous!

  11. Thanks, Tish! We like him. He's a snuggler.


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