Sunday, March 05, 2006

Chakra alignment and the Oscars...

Today was a velly velly good day. The food at Clay Pit was amazing as usual. And as it turned out, we had a cultural experience post-food! Fem took us to a new agey, occult store. What's the PC way to say that, Fem? Anyway, we got to experience a chakra realignment by way of a quartz bowl that made noise. I obviously can't describe it very well, but it was fun.

I got home from the reception in time to watch the last hour of the Oscars, and I just need to say, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN GOT ROBBED! I'm sure Crash is a great film, but I was really pullin' for Brokeback to take home Best Picture. Given, Ang Lee did win best director, McMurtry and whats-her-name won best adapted screenplay, but COME ON. It needed best picture. And if we wanna talk about screwin', Walk the Line really got it up the pooper. Reese Witherspoon took home Best Actress (thank God or I would've put on my own riot). Joaquin deserved something...even an honorary Best Actor since Philip Seymour Hoffman nailed the Capote part.


*grumble grumbleBrokebacklostgrumble grumble*

I'm going to work on my short story, and then I'm going to bed early. Really.

On TV: "Everybody Loves Raymond"
Listening: "Reasons Why"...Nickel Creek
In my head: The urge to read some Annie Proulx


  1. I couldn't even make it through "Crash." Did NOT like that movie. Have yet to see BBM but I'm sure it should have won!

  2. I'll try it, but I refuse to like it as much. Refuse I say!

  3. I'm grumbling that Good Night & Good Luck didn't win best pic :)).


  4. I wanna see that one! I made a huuuuge list of movies I need to see over Spring Break. Will post it later.

    Did you get my email about the new webzine, Suzz?? The movie goddess!

  5. I got it and I've been thinking about it. I think you are crazy Andi! I'm more cranky and snarky about films than books. Mucho more! You'd have to spend your time apologizing for me and my non-Hollywood, all-movie-audiences-must-obey-me taste.

    You'd love Kenneth Turan's piece today. He's the most prestigious LA Times film critic (won a Pulitzer a long time ago). He wrote a LACERATING condemnation of the Academy for not voting BBM as best picture. Whoa! Was NOT impressed with Crash.

    I see Crash is being re-released so I'll have to drag myself to it I guess. Now I remember why I didn't go see it .. it was because of a review in the LA Times. Most likely Turan's. LOL ...

  6. LOL, Suzz! I love me some snark, so if you decide you want to do it, you're more than welcome!

    I'll have to go read that review! I might like the old codger!

  7. I haven't seen shite so I don't know what should and should not have won. Oh well...looks like I'll be renting a hell of a lot of movies coming up. Reese Witherpoop was cute, she seems somewhat normal in the whole hollywood scheme of things but who's to say...?

  8. Funky,
    She does seem normal, and that's one of the reasons I like her. And she's hot.

    I have a huuuge list of movies to watch. I'll be posting that soonish.

  9. It looks like the close minded conservative Nazis in this nation finally got what they wanted since Brokeback didn't win. I swear, let's just move to Europe!

  10. I'm with ya, Cincy! What part of Europe shall we choose?


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