Saturday, March 18, 2006

Cultural Day!

Elise and I had a great day running around, eating, and museum-hopping yesterday. I had my taxes done (decent return) and then we set out for Dallas. First was lunch at Tokyo One, in Addison--the BIGGEST Japanese buffet EVER. We were up to our cracks in sushi, tempura, salads, soup, dessert. Ugg. It was so yummy. I especially enjoyed the baked oysters, and the crème brule was awesome. I think we made a total (together) of 8 trips to the buffet. Elise's tapeworm, Greg, was in full effect.

Next we skipped over to Fort Worth to The Kimbell, The Amon Carter, and The Modern. I haven't been over there since The Modern re-built, and I have to say, it is STUNNING. It's huge compared to the building they had before, and they can display much more of the permanent collection, which is really impressive. I "had a moment" with several of the pieces. Some of which include:

*Note: these will be inserted later when Blogger isn't being a little bitch.

We felt very highbrow at one point, sitting in the Kimbell before we cavorted through the Gauguin impressionism exhibit. We were lounging in the cafe drinking Perrier and eating $3.00 brownies. The brownie was like chocolatey heaven, so I can't complain. We decided 1) most museums are barrel-shaped in some form or fashion and 2) it looked like a mausoleum, especially with reliefs hanging on the walls.

After the museums, we headed over to Mockingbird Station for gelato at Gelato Paradiso. The Irish pub was hoppin', but we weren't feelin' the St. Patty's celebratory spirit. I was more interested in my strawberry and sweet cream gelato, and in window-peepin' into the lofts above the stores.

After a short stint at Mockingbird, we went out to World Market on the way home so Elise could stock up on wine. We picked up some pita chips and some spinach and artichoke dip to munch on. We ended up back at her place watching Donnie Darko and...*hanging head*...Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Dirty Dancing may well have been as bad as Donnie Darko was good. Last night was Elise's first time seeing my beloved Donnie. When it was over and I asked if she liked it, we got off on this very impressive conversation involving Deconstruction, binaries, diagetic levels of narration, intradiagetic narrators, extradiagetic narrators, subjectivity, agency, dopplegangers, and deus ex machina. We sounded like we really knew what we were talking about, which gives me hope that I really am learning something in graduate school. Paper ideas are running out my ass, and I hope we can get a panel together for Pop Culture next year. Woot!

We wined and watched til all hours, and I came home and went to bed. Overall, a very successful cultural day since we touched on Mexican culture, Japanese, Italian, American, Texican, and we're both Irish'ish.

So there. A happenin' day with Elise and Andi. Now I've gotta read for Picture Books.



  1. There's nothing like a day of culture.

  2. Yesterday was such an awesome day. Much,much fun and silliness was had.

    The same is true of today. Just got back from the shopping extravaganza. Time to finish last night's bottle of wine, probably start on a new one, then it's off to begin the great compilation that will your mixed CD by yours truly.

    I think I'll be putting off the rest of my school work until tomorrow.

  3. I'm so drooling over the prospective mix CD!

    How big a haul did you come home with? I bet it's massive. Dallas probably has no clothes left in its stores.

    I tried to do work today. Didn't work out. It's been the most worthless day ever.

  4. Wow, you guys know how to eat! If I ever come to Texas I'm definitely getting you to take me out to eat ;)

    And the museums sound so awesome. I'm ashamed to say it's been forever since I hit one. We're going to Virginia Beach this summer and I hope to hit the Air and Space museum in Hampton.

  5. Heatheroo,
    We do indeed know how to eat. It's one of my favorite pasttimes and I definitely think it should be an Olympic sport. :D

    The Air and Space Museum sounds fun! You *should* come to Dallas and visit someday. There are a ton of cool museums, too. The Science Place and Natural History Museum are two of my faves.


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