Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dream on dreamer....

I had a sex dream about Dr. Drew Pinsky from Loveline. I freely admit that I find Dr. Drew quite a tasty dish. Always have. Ever since I was too young to be watching Loveline on MTV. The silver hair is refined and you just KNOW there's something wild underneath that lab coat. I bet the man knows how to wield an instrument.

Obviously this dream is a result of pre-menstrual lust psychosis because I haven't thought about Dr. Drew, nor have I seen him on TV, in a long time. LONGGGG time. The dream is a little fuzzy and not nearly as graphic as I had hoped, but here's what I can remember.

I was at a university, surprise. I was seeing two guys (that is a surprise). One of them was Dr. Drew, and the other was either someone I know or someone mildly famous. Anyhoo, the one that wasn't Dr. Drew got mad at me for whatever reason and decided he was going to show a large group of people a sex tape we'd made (biggest surprise ever). I was HORRIFIED because Dr. Drew was among the throng (not thong, shuddup Johnny) and would certainly never touch my ho-bag self after that. So I left. I left the building in a huff because leaving would be the best way to avoid my head blowing up from embarrassment, and I didn't want to see the look on Dr. Drew's face. One problem: I got outside and remembered I'd forgotten my keys inside the building.


So I had to walk back in, and I walked back in just in time to catch the end of the sex tape. BUT, much to my surprise, Dr. Drew wasn't mad! I was a lot taken aback and figured he just wanted to tap it and tape it, too. Dr. Drew told me that everyone made mistakes and he loved me just the way I was (very Bridget Jones about the whole thing). I gave the other guy a dirty look before Drew and I retired to my shabby-chic bungalow for what would be a night of hot pig sex.

The next thing I knew, that dream had completely dissolved and I found myself on a 3-person moped with Elise and someone I didn't know, touring London. Damn the sandman! I didn't even get to be part of the best of the Dr. Drewness because the dream-switch happened just before.

Just my luck.

Listening: "Not Fade Away"...Buddy Holly


  1. Moped?? Those things don't go fast enough, though for some weird reason I've always wanted a Vespa.

    What's up with you and J and your crazy dreams? It's looks like there's some kind of repression in the subconscious going on, but what do I know? I never remember my dreams and I don't really know much about psychoanalytic theory.

  2. And I don't know how we got 3 of us on one. Go figure.

    I'm definitely repressed. That makes 15 or 16 sex dreams in my life! Woo!

  3. Usually almost all of my dreams revolve around sex, but lately they've been very unsexual. But they've also been really weird.

    And, Elise, maybe if you weren't on the magic pills cada noche, then perhaps you would be able to remember one every once in a while. Just a thought.

  4. Since someone wrote about equations the other day, here is a word problem:

    A person with fairly recently acquired insomnia takes a magic pill, sleeps for 10 hours, and has no dreams. If, hypothetically speaking, there were no magic pills and therefore no sleep, how many dreams would the same person have?

    And by the way, I don't take the magic pills every night. I've learned to mix things up and throw in a little Tylenol PM and NyQuil every now and then. A bit of occassional liquor never hurts either.

    Wow. That really does make me look like some kind of pill popper with serious issues.

  5. Every night before I go to bed I watch the Daily Show and think jon stewart jon stewart. I hope for a jon stewart sex dream. Instead I end up having an Ann Coulter / Katherine Harris S&M guatanimo bay orgy dream with Bill O'reilly commentating and dick cheney "shooting" the money shot in my face. Grossssss....

  6. I'm with you on the Dr. Drew thing, Andi. I bet he's amazing. He seems so gentle, but knowledgable at the same time. The silver fox thing does it for me too.

    But I have a bit of a fetish for men in lab coats. If I can't find a hot looking chemist, maybe I can find a guy who likes to play dress-up.

  7. Jeremy, oh my.

    Amanda, OHMYGOD OHMYGOD! You really know how to gross a girl the fuck out! LOL I should make, "S&M guatanimo bay orgy dream," my tagline on this blog. That's fantastic.

    Catherine, I'm with you on the gentle, and I think he has quite a bit of mischievous in him, too. The crooked grin is killer. And, "If I can't find a hot looking chemist, maybe I can find a guy who likes to play dress-up," made me giggle. Too funny.

  8. Silver hair is refined? I'm refined like a mofo then.

  9. ok, let me give it a go, I love dream interpreting-
    I find it is easier to kind of take on the most prevalent symbols first, which seems to be the doctor figure. He is a doctor and doctors are typically educated people and we generally seem to trust them. Think about it-we go to a complete stranger and disrobe, tell them our problem, and they poke and prod-you are exposed and vulnerable. You used the words refined, knowledge and he seems to be understanding. However, He also seems a little censorous, or at least, you think he is- are you repressing? is there fear? wanting to go into unknown territory but not sure about it? You used the word wild in describing his character, and so maybe you want a little wildness but fear to put yourself out there. The other guy shows the tape and you are surprized that the doctor is not shaken by it- a man who is somewhere in between-he is not too old, like the archetype Father Time and not too young like the Lord of the Forest (all about sexual energy). So he is a man of experience but not past desire, but desirous with some discernment. you know Carl Jung believed that the soul is a inexhaustable well that you can drink from when you need it and ONLY when you need it. It is also a source that knows and gives as needed and you do not drain it at one drinking and that is why I think the reason why you and the doc did not have sex or you woke up right at that moment is because you got just what you needed. Jung also believed that in each person there is both masculine and feminine and they need to stay in balance. The doc perhaps is masculine energy to give you drive and to balance things.
    Keys, well that seems pretty obviuos, they unlock, and it appears that you would not have found out that the doc was cool with you if you had not of gone back for your keys to unlock and find what you needed. now you have a key to go back and visit at anytime or perhaps to move on to the next adventure. I think the reason you were on a moped with a known friend is because you are exposed, ready to put yourself out there and are comfortable. You may seem like you are tettering or doing a balancing act (3 on a moped?) but you do it. also, your little bad boy may seem naughty but he is the one who gets jump starts things and you afterwards you take him along with you and your friend, so he is not all bad. What was the feel of the dream?
    The term silver fox that Quantum used is interesting-foxes are depicted as clever and in the magical realm they are shapeshifters. They go in between the worlds and help with creating things.
    As for have a lot of sex dreams, well yeah, that usually means what you think it means. However, as I said before, the presence of males may be your psyche giving you drive. so it seems that your doctor is a nuturing form of drive. You are lucky, I have had the Goddess kick me in the ass to jump start me. Aye carumba! I bet this is last time you tell your dreams in the blogosphere again haha. theotherfeminist

  10. I had a crush on one of the girls who was a co-host on Loveline, the blonde from the last season; then it turned out she was from my hometown. But so are a million other people, so it's not like we hung out or anything.

  11. Anti, sure you are. So am I. I just have my grey covered up at the mo'.

    Fem, gotta read that again. It sounded like you knew what you were talkin' about!

    Todd, I don't think I remember her. Hmmm. Might have to do a little research.


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