Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Drunk post ahead...beware....

Elise called tonight and asked me to go hang out with her and her friend Andy. Andy and Andi...otherwise known as Bandy and Gandi (boy Andy and girl Andi). T joined us at Snuffer's for drinks while Jeremy was left at home fielding the massive amount of love vibes coming off his wife on their anniversary.

It was a good time. After sitting around talking literature (drunk but still talking books) I realized how so insanely ass-happy glad I am that I have friends who enjoy the same things I do. First. Time. Ever.

*********************Random Topic Switch***************************

Before I left for Elise's I was watching American Idol. Now, I know more of you are watching than are willing to admit, so if you're one of those cowardly shitbirds I'll throw out my amusing comments and you can laugh on the down-low and keep your cool factor high. Mine was blown to kingdom-come a zillion years ago, so I'm not worried.

Ace: Good voice, nice hair, jeans that hang just so on the hipular bones, good rhythm indicating above-average horizontal performance. He gets my vote. Even though he fucked up a Stevie Wonder song.

Kevin Covais: Appealing to Amish girls everywhere. This kid has a halfway decent voice (HALFWAY) but looks like a baby bird and dances like a retarded circus clown. Tonight he sang....are you ready? are you sitting?...."Part-time Lover." Who in the holy name of the Jesi put the thought in this kiddo's head that he should EVER tarnish the wonderfulness of Stevie Wonder with his dork-ass performance? Whoever is responsible should be de-balled with a potato peeler.

*****************Random Topic Switch*******************

Why in the name of the Jesi is the Jeff Foxworthy Show on Nick at Nite?? I've just lost all faith in humanity. Give me Kotter, give me Tyler Moore, give me the Cosby family (even Theo), but NEVER EVER Jeff Foxworthy. He simply cannot compete with the legends of television.


  1. American Idol? Is Clay Aiken still on that? He sucks.

  2. I bet you talk a lot when you are drunk. Are you a talker?

    I still haven't watched any AI. I should since we have a hometown boy in it (Chris the rocker). Sigh...maybe next week.

    After your hangover clears, read this, I think you may find it amusing.,,1727309,00.html

  3. Well, since it cut it off...

  4. you type extremely well for one who is drunk!

  5. god i wish i was drunk right would make work go so much quicker!

  6. Last night was a good time.

    Seriously though, I really think that when we all part ways to go off into other doctoral programs, jobs, or domestic life (jesi forbid!) I think that we'll quickly realize that other people especially in a conservative field such as academia, are kind of a drag.

    It'll be the complete opposite of what it is now. We'll be working and hanging out with people who are really fucking smart, but not so much fun.

    Until then, however, we're the shit.

  7. Todd, quit frontin', you know you love some American Idol. I bet Kelly Pickler would climb you like an electric pole.

    Heather, I talk a lot all the time! :) Actually I wasn't terribly drunk when I wrote that post, it just added to the ambiance. And may I say, Chris is AWESOME! I didn't get to see him perform last night, but usually he blows it outta the water.

    I read that part of that piece Annie Proulx wrote earlier in the week, so thank you for sending the whole thing. I'm not exactly sure what to think of it. I mean, we don't see Arthur Golden running around bitching that Memoirs of a Geisha didn't win best...whatever it was nominated for. Everyone knows that the Oscars are political and stupid. Then again, it's refreshing to see someone care and not give the fake "everyone's a winner" smile. What say you?

  8. Amanda, it's all a front. :)

    AMS, here's what you do. You hook a flask up to your leg under your clothes, insert one long straw made of plastic tubing, and run that bizzle up to the neck of your shirt. Easy enough! And drunk all day.

    Thanks for the morning upper, Elise. I have to go kill myself now. We are the shit.

  9. I thought the same. I can see where she was upset her movie didn't win, at the same time, it's won SO many awards...geez, share the wealth, ya know? And I thought she was a little harsh, does she really think all the voters saw Crash and didn't see Brokeback?

    Also, I have never understood how one director can win best director, but his movie not get best movie. Seems like an oxymoron.

  10. How the HEdouble hockey sticks did Elise go out with you and still manage 2 pages on the midterm? I still have not even started on it ugh!!!!

  11. Heather,
    I thought it was harsh too. I don't think it lost because Hollywood is full of gay-hating Nazis. We were talking about this last night actually. The general thought amongst the academy (this coming from our film prof at school I assume, filtered through my friend T) was that Brokeback was good, but it appealed to a slimmer audience. More people can relate to Crash, a movie on race relations in our everyday lives, than they can bi-curious shepherds. There's a theory anyway.

  12. Fem, she did her mid-term BEFORE we went out. That's how she managed it. lol

  13. When does the first issue of the webzine come out?

  14. I don't think it lost for that reason either. Hollywood is a lot more tolerant of gays than they used to be, which is starting to be reflected in TV and movies. And I would think more tolerant than the rest of America.

    And, while Brokeback made more money, I bet a lot of it was repeat business and people wanting to see what all the hooha was about.

    Not that the Oscars are all about who makes more money, of course not. If so, Revenge of the Sith would have gotten best picture, ha!

  15. Ugggh. I watched AI faithfully and that one chick screwed up lately. How the hell do you forget the words when Stevie Wonder is right there?

  16. Don't worry, fellow colleagues. Once I obtain my fabulous career as a dept head, I will call each of you immediately and put the remainder of my staff on involuntary leave. We will still be the shit.

    Oh, and my midterm is done, making me an even higher grade of shit today than I was before.

  17. Elise,
    It was supposed to be today, but I don't think that's gonna happen. I'm still waiting on several submissions to come in, so it'll likely be tomorrow or Friday.

  18. Oh God, Revenge of the Sith as best picture. I get nauseous just thinking about it. Or the guy that played Darth getting best actor. *urp*

    Anti, I don't know HOW she managed that eff-up. She's worthless, IMO. Decent voice, but worthless. I'm all about Paris Bennett!

    Congrats on finishing the mid-term, J.! And I can't wait for my plush job in your department.

  19. LOLL! I was exhausted central and bitchy central. ;)

    Now I'm up-to-my-neck in the 'zine central!

  20. American Idol, eh? Oh boy ... I'm speechless. But if I were there, we'd find something to do besides watch American Idol ;)

  21. Here in Africa, we still busy watching the auditions! ... and yes, I saw that boy audition last night.

  22. If I can do anything else to help with the 'zine, gimme a shout!!

  23. I hate Kevin. His voice annoys me. My ears bleed. And he's getting a big head. My fav is Katherine McFee. She's so beautiful and charismatic and has a great voice. I really like Taylor Hicks too. I like Paris, but she's getting a little big for her britches too. I wanted to reach through the screen and stangle her when she kept singing to Ryan.

  24. Wenchy,
    He's cute, but I just don't think he has what it takes. But I feel that way about several of them, and they're not voted off yet. Ugg!

    It's almost done, I'm just waiting on some stuff to come in (Os!!!!!). :)

    I looove Katherine. She's one of my fave girls. Her voice is amazing! I like Taylor, too. And, yes, Paris's singing to Ryan was a bit much. I was on my way out the door, so I didn't have to hear all of that. lol

  25. Since you kept switching topics I'm going to post a comment that has nothing to do with any of them.

    Tell me, you gorgeous creature, are those really your eyes in your profile pic??

  26. Soj,
    I think you might be the only one, darlin'. lol I dunno....something about his overacting grates on me.

    Those *are* indeed my eyes. They'll probably end up on the 'zine as a graphic at some point (there are some up this time around, but they're under sunglasses).

  27. Ace is my favorite this season. He is HOT. As far as Kevin goes, I really don't like him. The Chicken Little comparison was right on the mark!

  28. Tish,
    Amen sister! Ace is sooo adorable, and he's got rhythm too! A girl can't ask for much more than that!


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