Thursday, March 02, 2006

In my head...


The stars will cry
The blackest tears tonight
And this is the moment that I live for
I can smell the ocean air
And here I am
Pouring my heart onto these rooftops
Just a ghost to the world
That's exactly
Exactly what I need

From up here the city lights burn
Like a thousand miles of fire
And I'm here to sing this anthem
Of our dying day

"Anthem of Our Dying Day", Story of the Year





On TV: Will and Grace (which I only watch for Harry Connick, Jr.)
Music: See above.
Reading: The Cambridge Companion to Modernism
In my head: Dreamy doables.


  1. What a goofy lookin' fucker!

  2. I have to de-ball you now. I like 'em funny-lookin'.

  3. I went to a buddy's house to watch Mavs/Spurs, and you know what he said?
    "Dude, have you seen Donnie Darko?"

    I immediately stabbed him in the fucking eyeball with a screwdriver and left.

    What the hell's going on with the world?

  4. It's a fucking awesome movie. Jump on the Donnie Darko train. But not in a gay way.

  5. So you are saying that you quote like this Jake chappie then?

  6. Yeah, Fence, I think she may have bit of an obsession going on.

    He looks like a fucking vampire with those teeth.

    I don't care, he's still hot.

  7. I love Will & Grace - but I'm not a big Debra Messing fan. I watch it so I can imagine licking vodka off of Will, and because anyone as self-centered as Jack is right up my alley.

    Mmmm, Jake. Maybe I will watch Donnie Darko again this weekend. I made V suffer through it last weekend. He will be pissed if I try to make him watch it again!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. You are too funny Andi. I wanted to tell you that I made your meatball recipe last night. It was so good! I made it with ground chicken instead of red meat and it was still quite tasty!

    P.S. Sorry that was me that deleted, I pressed the button too quickly and posted two!

  10. Fence,
    Definitely an obsession.

    Heather, I have a vampire fixation, so that explains it even more. lol

    Non, licking vodka off of Will is a GREAT IDEA. And Karen is a fuckin' trip. Definitely make V watch Donnie Darko again. It's good for him.

  11. Amanda,
    He's so hot...and his brainy is cute too.

    I'm glad you liked 'em! I hadn't thought about chicken! I bet that was tasty. Turkey would be good too I bet.


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