Thursday, March 16, 2006


The 'zine, Estella's Revenge is officially out and about. Issue #1: Welcome to the Tilt-a-Whirl just hit the web, and I'm ready to DIE. While I might've been 40 before the carpal tunnel kicked in, it's happening now. It took me two solid days to get the site formatted and transferred and locked and loaded. But it's done. And the next time shouldn't be as shoulder and finger-numbing.

I have to say, I'm proud of the way it came out! Quantum-Catie has done an AMAZING feature called "How Poetry Saved My Life" (made me cry), we've got some great reviews, alotta snark, and Heather's design makes me melt. Now, I just hope people read it.

If you'd like to link the site, I've provided some buttons for your linky pleasure. Simply go to: Estella's Revenge and click on "About" on the main page.

I'm gonna go die now. *bending wrists*

E-mail me (with the link on the site) if you find any dead links or anything. It's entirely possible.

And as an added bonus, Heather cracked me up by posting this on her blog. This is a nicely done "stack" from Stuff On My Cat. What's really sad is that I have 98% of those pics on my computer and use them as desktop wallpaper. I see October Sky in the background there. Almost rented it for this week's viewing pleasure, but I went with Proof instead.

Listening: "Anthem of Our Dying Day"


  1. I fucking love it. I think the inaugural issue deserves some celebratory drinks tomorrow, or maybe right now.

  2. I thnk you're absolutely right!

    And if you see any errors on the site, lemme know. My eyes are fuckin' tired and I'm not seeing typos anymore.

    I'll call you tomorrow when I'm done with my taxes and we'll go from there.

  3. See, I typo'ed right there. This is an illness. Or maybe my fingers are just going to fall off.

  4. I wish I could drink w/you all but unfortunately there's homework to be done. Good job and thanks for letting me be a part of it.

  5. if i wouldn't get shot i would SO have jake as my wallpaper. just wait till we each have our own computer...HAH

    people will come and read it...people will come.

  6. Sole, I'll UPS you a Catholic Schoolgirl (not the kind that shimmies). Thank you for being a part!

    Corinna, I have plenty of Jake wallpaper to make up for your lack. If you ever need a fix I'd be willing to share my stash. :)

    *fingers crossed for the readers to surface*

  7. I have a funny Jake story. I thought of you when my friends told me. So...I have two girlfriends that live in LA and one of my friends that lives in NYC went out to see them yesterday. THey were at a bar called the little door and who do they see? Jakey! So, my one friend who is just nuts, but HOT! goes up to him on his way out and says "you're cute! Don't leave" and he turned his back on her and left...what a tool! Oh well. Maybe you'll have better luck when you meet him.

  8. hey, can we put this on our CVs? May the Goddess bless the zine with many readers. So Mote it Be-fem

  9. Funky, I plan to tell him I'd like to lick his brain. What's not to love about that? I like to be different, what can I say? lol

    Amanda, no no, your review is da bomb!

    Fem, I doubt we can put it on our CV. I don't think we're quiiiite academic enough over at the 'zine. Will get back to you tomorrow about the stuff you emailed me.

  10. I haven't searched for typos yet... but I have snagged a beautiful button for my blog.


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