Sunday, March 26, 2006


She says, "I feel like I'm gonna crack open like..."

He says, "Like what?"

She replies, "An egg....or one of those really smelly french cheeses that ooze out everywhere when you cut them."


I found a pair of his socks a few days ago. I just opened my sock drawer and there they were. After a year and a half. Almost two years. Whatever. I've opened my sock drawer a thousand times and never run into them, but there they were. Grey heels, grey toes...a wrong fit.


I fucking hate kids riding their bikes in my driveway. That's why it's MY DRIVEWAY.


I'm still burping up the Mexican food from lunch. Mmm, flautas.


My guilty pleasure song of the moment is that Bon Jovi song about going home. Whatever it's called. I only like the version with Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) though. I feel like that should alleviate the guilt. Any song with a line about a "blind dog without a bone" should not make me shimmy.


Better song:

Making my way uptown and down
Seeing familiar places
And faces in my pile of coffee grounds

The days are better
The nights are still so lonely
Sometimes I think I'm the only cab on the road

...OK, maybe not better, but it's not Bon Jovi.


  1. I love Jon Bon Jovi. How old is he now and he's still fucking HOT!

  2. Jon Bon Jovi gives me the creeps. I think... he just looks too well-preserved. Sleeps in a vat of formaldehyde. My mother has the hots for him, though, which is the source of much of my teasing of her.

    I woke up with Maroon 5 in my head.

    Thus ends my daily non sequitur.

    Gypsy Poetry

  3. hmmm the sock's a mysterious thing Andi!

    Isn't it funny that sometimes burping up what you had for lunch is great and other times it really grosses you out?

  4. A-Train:

    Can you bring that list of verbs to use in an annotated bibliography tomorrow so I can make a copy of it? I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. Non, he looks a little...plastic. But he's still had two of the most famous hairstyles in history. That's gotta count for something.

    Eil, LOL, yes. Well-preserved is a great way to put it. I would love to wake up with Maroon 5 in my head. Whatshisname is a cutie.

    Funky, mysterious indeedy! Right now I have indigestion that would incapacitate a rhino and it's definitely not fun. If it was strawberries and cream...maybe...but it's jalapeno swiss burger.

  6. T., I took a break from reading about composite novels just for you. The verb list is in my bag and ready to go.

  7. OK, you had me at burping flautas, but lost me at Bon Jovi. :-)

  8. I lost myself at Bon Jovi. I still shiver every time I realize I like that song. I'm so ashamed.

  9. As you should be. :-) And no, I don't think we ever dated! Was that prompted by the Barcelona sketch, the whore comment, or my blog in general? :-)

  10. Your blog in general. I dated a guy at UT Arlington (artist) who would've totally done a nipple flower.


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