Sunday, March 12, 2006

This is why I'm always tired....

It's 1:10am and I'm making lists of things to do. Namely....

Submit abstract for South Central MLA conference coming to Dallas in October. Submit abstract for the International Comics Association Conference coming to D.C. in October. This involves one totally new abstract and tweaking another and rewriting the paper so it's not the same thing I presented in Albuquerque.

I also need to polish the Chick Lit paper from last semester and submit it to some conference somewhere. Probably next year's American Literature Association. Also need to attempt to polish up the annotated bib that went with that paper for potential publication.

In addition, I need to be working on a paper topic for a special issue of MELUS over multi-ethnic graphic narrative.

And I need to inquire about book reviews for Children's Lit Quarterly and one other that slips my mind this very moment.

And get the webzine ready.

And do the websites for the WC and Junto.

And sleep.

But I've already read the book for Modern American Lit when we return to school. Woot!

I get ambitious (and nutty) at night.

TV: none
Music: Majorette..."Girl Like Me"


  1. You "get" nutty at night?

  2. so much to do so little time!!

    good luck with all of that!

  3. Oooh, Quill. You had to go there. And that't not quite what I was going for with that sentence.

    Very true. How was the parade?

  4.'re one busy woman. My to do list consisted of getting up before 11am this weekend. Done and done. I did do other things but they're nerd type stuff.

  5. Anti,
    I'd say my stuff is pretty nerdy too. Don't think you're alone. :)

  6. No rest for the wick'd, huh?


  7. I need to stop being so damn wicked and maybe I wouldn't have so much to do! lol

    I've taken some time out to read Annie Proulx I'm happy.

  8. The only urgent item on my to do list for the coming week is "get a job" Oh yeah, and finish the piece I promised you for the zine. Ah, but what was I doing before reading your blog? Watching 'Family Guy' on dvd.

  9. LOL! Don't feel bad, C. I still need to finish some stuff for the zine, not to mention all the school stuff, and I'm about to watch Jarhead! Yay procrastination!

  10. Hey Andi, go take a nap!

  11. You have too much to do. When are you going to give your love to us, your worshipful masses?

  12. Kat,
    I've gotten some GOOOD sleep done the last couple days. Cat naps are the key. I feel refreshed, which means I have to finish my abstracts.

    I love my masses. Wait, did that come out right? Anyway, I love you all dearly, now if I could get a paycheck for the exchange of love life would be perfect.

    Pirate, fo' sho. I've always been a bit of a night owl, so I can't blame it all on school and work.


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