Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Add another body to the count....

Jeremy was the first to get denied for the SCMLA conference in Dallas. Elise and I went down in flames today. Elise and I both submitted for the children's lit area, and apparently they were only putting together one panel and got a bunch of submissions. Or so they say. We have a feeling they picked four papers and we rounded out a grand total of six...or something equally as depressing.

My nose piercing has a bump. I'm doing a sea salt soak twice a day to attempt to rid myself of said bump. If it doesn't go away I'm losing the nose ring. And I really don't wanna do that.

I'm shooting for a Hugh Laurie dream tonight to raise my spirits after the conference-denial ego killer. A picture for inspiration. Pretty nice guns for an old fart with a cane (which I still say has enormous promise). And you all know how I feel about wrist/arm veins. Rawwrrrr! *lick*

Listening to the hind-end of the buffalo. Code for the 2nd CD in the Foo Fighters', In Your Honor.

Blah blah blah.

Going to sleep.


  1. For the nose bump (they are very common at the very end of healing), if the sea salt soaks are not helping (it's good you tried that first), I've seen tea tree oil work miricles.
    Get a hanging drop of the oil on a q-tip and apply the drop to the bump 2-3 X a day... You should see huge improvements in about a week (or less). It's just a lymph fluid back up and there is more to the bump than what meets the eye, so be patient, don't squeeze it or poke it. It may come and go a couple of times but once you are 100% healed, it won't come back.
    If you don't have tea tree oil, you can find it at most health food stores and even some grocery stores... a little goes along way so just get a small bottle.

  2. Aww Andi, I'm so sorry you guys didn't get accepted. I hope you aren't too disappointed. There will be more conferences!!!

    Ahhh a Hugh Laurie dream. Did you catch House last night? It was soooo good. I hate to admit it, but I teared up a couple of times.

  3. Addict,
    I was just going to e-mail you if the salt soak didn't work. It looks to already be improving, so I'm stoked. Glad it's not scar tissue...that would freak me out. Lymph backup I can do. lol Thanks for the tea tip! I'll try that if this doesn't work.

    Thanks girl. I'm not too disappointed. It was kind of to be expected after J got rejected. And my topic was only kinda/sorta what they were looking for. Now I just need to find another conference to submit to.

    Hugh is so fabulous. Too bad that dream didn't work out. :( I loved it last night. Not as many memorable quotes as the last one I saw, though.

  4. I had a nose bump for a while -- like on the inside. Now I don't have it at all -- it will go away. I use this sea salt spray that I bought at the piercing place.

  5. Thanks, Amanda. I'm in good bumpy company.

  6. you won a spanking.

    a naked spanking.


  7. You're such a perv, Johnny. I knew we were kindred.

  8. hard luck! they obviously didnt realise a good thing when they saw it!

    glad to hear the nose isn't septic-ey. yuck!

  9. Sorry about the confernce. That's a bummer.

    Hey, I had a question for you, and I used you're email from yahoo to send it to you. I didn't know if you received it. I know you have much more important things to worry about. I just need your wisdom!

  10. Getting rejected by the conference was a real fucking bummer. But what the fuck do you do?

    Besides, with it being an in-town event, it's unlikely that we would have seen the drunk and handsy Andi that appeared in Little Rock. And what would be the fun in that?

  11. Thanks, AMS!

    Nicky, I didn't receive the e-mail for some reason. Could just be Yahoo being wonky. I'll drop you an e-mail. Would love to spread any wisdom I can come up with! lol

    Handsy? Me?? NOOOO.

  12. House was great last night. What was it he said at the poker table, about a barnicle, for its size, has the largest penis of all mamals? LOL

    Sorry you didn't get in to where ever it was you were trying to get in to. I'm not the scholarly type, so no clue here! LOL

  13. Sorry about the denial.
    I could put something together for you to work on.

    I have no bumps. Okay, maybe a few. But not from piercings.

    My lovely little lumps.

  14. Mmmm spanking....I'll have to send you a pick of my arm/wrist veins. I've been told they're great by someone who should know.

  15. sorry about the conference Andi - let me know if you want me to beat someone up for you, or at least I can hit them with a book...

    I don't watch House but that dude is pretty buff for an old dude...

  16. I want nice arms again. Sigh.

  17. Vixen, I loved the barnacle comment. Although the scene from the elevator last week and the line, "I told you this ending would be more dramatic," or something like that...was the best. :D And the SCMLA thing was an academic conference. There will be others, but this one was so close to home!

    Oooh, Kat. I have that song in my head now. I have plenty of bumps besides the nose one myself. More than I want to have. lol

    All wrist pics welcome, Andy!

    Funky, you need to watch House. It's snarky and hilarious and ridiculously wonderful. And yes, I will need you to beat some folks up.

    Sole, I'm sure you have lovely arms.

  18. Maybe it's because you changed to the new ring?

  19. GF,
    It made its ominous appearance before I got the new rings. They're actually a little smaller than the one I was pierced with, so they're much more comfortable and seem to be less irritating.


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