Saturday, April 15, 2006

Busy bizzle....and other assorted niblets...

Elise said the following to me this morning, "You need to blog, dude." And that's a pretty direct order, so here I am.

This has been one hell of a week. I started feeling worse (snot monster), which surprisingly didn't manage to get me in bed any earlier. I had a 3am night (day?) early in the week, crashed the next night, then another late night, yesterday was a 23.5 hour day, etc. Summary: the sleeping has been a bitch, but I'm beginning to function comfortably on 4 hours sleep. Any less might be a stretch (as evidenced by the 3am night which equalled 3.5 hours sleep).

We had that long-ass annotated bib due Thursday (it doesn't matter what an actual annotated bib was 13 pages long). Got that all finished, went with Dr. S to pick up an English department head candidate at her airport hotel yesterday at 6:45 am, and went today to watch the interview Q&A. Blah blah blah. Lots of boring academic stuff that threatens to drag this blog into the underworld of the totally uninteresting, so I'll move on to something even less interesting to some of you.

On my way home from lunch with the peeps and the Q&A, I stopped at Hastings to see if they might happen to have the first season of House, M.D. on DVD. As many of you know, I had planned to put off the renting of the aforementioned piece of excellent television until May...after I finish all my school shit. I have the willpower of a cashew, so I broke down. I spent the next 10 hours watching House. And I'm only halfway through the season! Must practice temperance and reason tomorrow in an effort to get my school shit done.

But Hugh Laurie is so compelling....

But that's another post.

So, yeah, that's why I haven't been around. The crunch probably won't let up for a few weeks yet, so if I'm a sporadic poster, I apologize ahead of time.

TV: House, ready to roll
Listening: Patty Loveless


  1. You know, the Hugh Laurie/House thing is a bit odd for us Brits. For years we've been used to him doing his bumbling ineffectual upper-class twit schtick with Stephen Fry, then he goes to America, grows some stubble and becomes a sex-symbol. Go figure!

  2. If you liked House, you probably want to know that Doogie Howser, MD: Season 4 comes out on DVD next week!

  3. It's nice to know that people actually listen to my so-called "orders."

    But then again, who am I to talk? It seems like all I ever blog about is the end of the semester academic asswhip.

    At least, Indian food is in the works for tomorrow night.

  4. Ash, I can imagine it would be odd to see him lusted after. House is a far cry from Blackadder (although, I loved him on Blackadder). :)

    Os, Doogie and House are worlds And years. :) I wasn't a huge Doogie fan, but I'd molest House.

    Elise, I wonder if the Indian place will be open on Sunday since it's Easter and all? I'll check out the website and see what I can find.

  5. I'd fall over dead if I had your schedule.

  6. that's what I'm talking about...a House binge. Sounds heavenly.

    I can't wait to hear what you think! :)

  7. Non, I think I'm on the way.

    Heather, I finished! I loved it! There will be a post devoted to it.

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