Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Crock of shit?...Anyone? Anyone?

I went to do my degree plan today since I'm starting thesis hours and shit in the fall. Had to fill out some stuff, talk to The Man about the master's exam, etc. I took my thesis advisor because this is the first thesis she's directed--we both need the info. So, we're sitting, we're chatting with The Man and get the paperwork done, he gives me some copies of red tapey shit, blah blah. So we get to the part where he asks what my plans are after graduating. I tell him I'm applying to Ill State, U of Florida, yadda blah blah. I make sure to throw in that I need to go AWAY to a bigger university in order to be able to teach at a shit-sized one like the one I attend. He knows this. He's The Man for Jehovah's sake. So after I finish telling him where I want to go he.....get ready....slumps back in his chair, hands crossed across old man belly and ROLLS HIS EYES. Why? Because he can be a selfish old shit and wants everyone to stay at our shit stain to help boost the grad programs.

THEN, he goes on to get two solid digs in on children's/adolescent literature (my field) because he's old school and thinks it's not a real field.

Awesome. Fabulous. I love academic politicking.

Damn The Man.


  1. Don't let the Man get you down. I thought that the goal of the grad program was to make us successful so that we can go on to our "fabulous careers." That's not possible if we get all of our degrees from this fucking place; even I, the dumbass that I am, know that. Were that to happen, we'll spend a lifetime teaching basic writing at some community college somewhere until we die as old and bitter people.

  2. Leave it up to the man to try to monkey wrench life. He's had a hand in many a monkey wrenching with me.

  3. The Man will likely be retiring soon, given that he's is several years beyond the expiration date of 45 years.

    Fuck it. I know it does, but try not to let it bother you too much.

  4. ugh. how typical.

    just because he can't turn the clock back and do something worthwhile with his career. go you Andi!

  5. Jeremy, hurry up and go meet with him so you'll feel shitty too. :D There's happiness in shitty numbers.

    Sole, we need to beat him with his wrench.

    Elise, true dat. It doesn't bother me as much as I thought it was. I mean, I was seething. But he's still an effer.

    AMS, he's done a lot with his career which is part of the problem. He thinks he can direct ours! Blah.

  6. throw your gazelle at him.

  7. You know what really isn't a field? Yankee Stadium. Fuck the Yankees.

  8. Jerk.

    So. We *don't* want adults to go into the children's/adolescent literature field because...what? We don't want to teach children to read and enjoy it and learn from it and all that good stuff? It's not *important* enough? That sounds perfect, so by the time all the kids grow up and are considering what fields *they* want to be in, they'll be *sure* NOT to pick English. So he'll still loose students. Sounds like a plan.

    Stupid fucker.

  9. Pompous donkey head. Geez, I don't miss dealing with schmoes like that.

    Andi, you do what you feel is best. You already know that, but it's still nice to see someone else put it out there. So, there. It's there, from many of us.

  10. Fuck the's because of people like him that nothing ever progresses! He needs to retire!

    You're on the right path Andi. I have faith in you. Just keep your head up and continue doing what you're doing!

  11. Cold, EXCELLENT idea. Or better yet, throw Tony Little at him.

    Fem, that's why you're my girl. Bring the chakra bowl and we'll eff him up.

    Todd, I don't do baseball. ;)

    Heather, yeah that attitude is more than a little assy I'd say. He thinks it's practical to teach to elementary ed folks, but not as a field for research and scholarly writing. To which I say, kiss my tookus.

    Thanks, Vixen!

    Thank you muchly, Funky. And all this talk of "the man" has me in the mood to watch Empire Records!

  12. I had to throw 2 jerks off my doctoral committee who were a bit more impressed with themselves than I was.

    Percentage wise, there's a lot more genuine assholes in the Academy than in the general population.

    Ignore him, Andi! Go where you want; study what interests you.

  13. I don't know how you stand it sometimes, honey.

    Hey, I need next month's assignment for the ezine. I have to write it before the Maui trip. Otherwise, it will be very late!

  14. Will do, Suzz. Luckily it looks like I'm going to have a GREAT committee. Most of our faculty is awesome, but I know it's not that way in the rest of academia at large. Blah.

    No assignment, Non. Write what moves ya!

  15. Funky Bee has a good point-sometimes there are people out there who stomp on other's ideas because they are not visionaries. You know the man who invented FED-X was told that his idea would never work and now look at it. I know for a fact that they are going strong because my husband has done miilions of dollars of work upgrading their UPS, SCADA, and other stuff over the past few years. You know I kind of look at as even if things didn't pan out that way, it's all still an experience, and knowledge is not for nothing. you spent it with us- what could be better? You gotta go through life doing something and who says you have to do one thing your whole life. You know I believe in the wisdom of our elders, but sometimes they lack vision. I say he should bugger off.

  16. That is supremely ridiculous. If there was no children's and adolescent lit, then there would be no young readers and therefore no adult readers at a later stage. And then there would be no litrature at all. Some people have no sense.

  17. Fem, I say bugger off to him too. I'm ultimately going to do whatever the hell I want because that's what I've always done. It's worked out VERY well so far. ;)

    Well said, Good Girl!

  18. Pfft. Once they hit a certain age, they're so stuck in their own academic world that they can't possibly imagine it changing. I want to spend my career forcing old coots to rethink the canon and start teaching stuff like Harry Potter and Neil Gaiman.

    Gypsy Poetry

  19. Right on, GP. You can be part of our "reinventing the scholar" movement. Rock on!


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