Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Going for a record...

Yes, yes dearies, I'm going for a record. I think I'm at 2 weeks with no makeup wearing...except on one special occasion. But everyday makeup wear is a thing of the past. Why? Because if I look like shit at work maybe the students are less likely to want me to tutor them. Sounds perfectly sane, yes? I thought so.

I bought one of man's greatest inventions this weekend. THE GAZELLE! It's currently languishing on my living room floor in the box. Why? Because kidney infections generally render one unwilling to work out, even if there is House motivation in the DVD player. (Did you notice that House reference I put in? It was just for Jeremy. To make him wanna die.) And, just for the record, even though I love the Gazelle, I hate Tony Little. Tony Little can shampoo my crotch.

To improve your day, courtesy of Married to the Sea:

This final-paper-writing-frenzy has rendered me boring and cranky. It'll be over soon. Two weeks (after this one). Shit. Three weeks sounds so much worse than two. Although, considering how little I've actually done, it's good that I have three weeks to finish it all.

Estella's Revenge Issue #2 coming May 1st!

TV: None. But I'll be playing on my laptop in exactly 16 minutes.
Listening: The Who


  1. Gee, what lovely pictures those are, anal head. LOL

    Anyway, Andi, if you ever do open up that box and start using that Gazelle, please let me know how you like it, and if you truly get a good workout from it.

    Oh, and Tony Little freaks me out! I think he's on something. His eyes always look like they're ready to pop out of their sockets. Freaky!

  2. Massive-cock-anal. I bet he got made fun of in school.

    I'll let ya know, Vixen. I had hoped to open and assemble this weekend, but it just so happens that I'll be writing a paper this weekend. *TANTRUM*

  3. Good luck with the Gazelle! Tony Little scars the crap out of me too. That ponytail is fake right? It has to be one of those things you can pick up from any gag gift store right?? Maybe he's bald on the top (hence him always having a cap on) and that hair is all he has left..omg that's a hysterical thought.

  4. Todd,
    When there's actually something to shampoo I'll let ya know.

    My friends and I were just talking about that the other day! We all think it's fake. He's probably bald as all get-out. Which I actually prefer to super-pony-tailed.

  5. Girl, what's that porn spam doing here in your comments?

    I love to put on makeup and do my hair - favorite times of the day, sometimes, when nothing else is going on.

    But I wear NONE on the weekends. The weekends are my time to just be product-free!

  6. Andi, you will always be my gazelle.

    Um...anal? Andi, at least buy me some dinner first.

  7. Thanks for the House reference. My day had been at a complete stand-still until then. Just for the record, I'm not sure what "massive-cock-anal" represents, but I sure don't want to be on the receiving end of that situation. Does not sound like a good time.

  8. Non, amen to that. Even when I'm in a constant state of makeup and hair doing, I never wear it on the weekends.

    Dena, how about cheesecake?

    Jeremy, try it. You might like it. How do you know until you give it a go, eh?

  9. Just spent 15 minutes (that's all I'll spend on Tony Little) searching the internet to see if there's any evidence if the ponytail is real or not, and I found nothing. So Im going to assume it's real, unless I can find something different. UGH..Im still thinking it's gotta be fake. No one has hair like that.

  10. down with makeup!!!! when i was out taking care of my mom I went like 11 days without wearing any.

    thats got to be the best blog span ever- i saw it on my old site as well.

  11. LOL, Jen! Thanks for your dedicated research. Tony is officially half lion if the ponytail is real.

    I needed that, Funky. Today has been worthless and depressing.

    Right on, Cold! I don't plan to wear makeup again until school is OUT.

  12. andi - im saving the make-up free days for when i want to look ghost-white and like im coming down with a deadly virus. believe me - it works a treat!


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