Sunday, April 23, 2006

The good and the fugly...

It's been a busy weekend. I worked at the STD (shuddup, it's the unfortunate abbreviation for the National English Honor Society) book sale/food sale yesterday morning and then Elise, Jeremy, and I judged Ready-Writing for the Regional UIL competition. After that, food, drinks, good conversation until all hours. It was a good time. There's nothing quite like talking with people who like nerdy introspection as much as I do.

Today has been an asswhip. I still feel like death, but now it's weird back pain. I think I have a kidney infection or something, so I'm hopped up on meds with my fingers crossed that it GOES AWAY soon.

I finished my conference paper for my fake conference in class tomorrow. Well, finished is a bit of a strong word. I have a page or so left, and I'll do that tomorrow when I proofread. It's pretty shitty, but I'm completely unenthused.

On the brighter, nicer side...I received an interesting e-mail today in reference to the 'zine. A theater company from NYC e-mailed to ask if I'd like to attend their preview party and a showing of DEAD CITY...a "contemporary riff on Ulysses." Now, given that I live in Texas, that's a problem. If I could go, I tooootally would love to.

Go check 'em out at

In the meantime, I'm working on getting one of our writers from the NYC area to attend and write about it for the June issue. Or maybe I should check out weekend flights. Hmmm.

On TV: Drunk rednecks
Listening: Ryan Adams
Reading: The backs of my eyelids
In my head: Obsessables


  1. Although this weekend has been extremely busy, it was a good weekend and hanging out last night was fun.

    Congrats on the productivity. As for me, today has been a worthless day of chores and such. I'm gearing up for a long night of work.

  2. Blahhh. No more work for me. I'll finish the last page of my paper tomorrow. This last couple of weeks is gonna be such a drag.

  3. That's quite a compliment. I say, Go.

    But then there's that whole school thing and all.

  4. OH how cool that you were contacted to do a review for the e-zine! That shows you're on the right track with it, which you are, and which you already know, but still, great validation!

    *counting the days until May 1...LOL

  5. Ah Ha! I, too, am a member of STD! We always joked in school that it would be great to get tee shirts! (snicker)

  6. bloggers being a bitch. I've tried publishing a post all day and the stoopid fucker just sits at zero and then freezes. BASTARDS!!!

  7. Non, tempting! I looked up tickets today. And, fortunately, it would be during my time off!

    Good to know someone is counting the days!!!

  8. LOL, Amanda. We want to make STD: Catch the Fever t-shirts. I'm all for it.

    And blogger is SUCH a bitch. It would hardly post for me yesterday.

  9. I am starting a protest against all institutions of higher education. Somebody let me know when the semester is over. Until then, I am refusing to bathe or change clothing.

  10. So ummm...if you ever get comped tickets to some event...ummm..and you need some sort of gopher or roving reporter...ummm...I would take one for the webzine.

  11. Wouldn't that be NEHS?
    What's te STD stand for?

  12. Should be take some cans of red paint and douse people as they emerge from buildings, J?

    You got it, maaan!

    Kat, they stupidly gave it greek letters. Sigma Tau Delta. If they'd left it at NEHS it would've been much more politically correct, but as it is we have a hell of a time with STD references.

  13. Wow, it would be awesome if they would fly you out to NYC for the show! I am so impressed with you Andi! You are a brilliant writer, you're smart, funny and although you think it's "nerdy", I love how you think and the things that you're interested in. You Rock! Keep up the good work. I must go continue to be inspired by you now ;O)

  14. LOL, Funky! Thank you sooo much dahling. I just do my thing, so to hear that it's inspiring is more than a little shocking.

    Love you long time! *in my best, drunk Steve Carell voice*


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