Friday, April 07, 2006

I blew my wad!

Boy did I blow it. I indulged in more than a bit of retail therapy today first with a bout of clothes shopping and then at the biggest Half-Price Books in the freakin' universe.

I hate clothes shopping more than anything ever, but I bit the bullet and dropped a bit of cash on 4 shirts, one pair of denim capris, three pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of earrings, a purse, and a pair of sunglasses. They look a lil sumpin' like this:

Green crocheted top. I can't believe this shit is back.

The edge there is a chocolate brown, v-neck top that makes my ta-tas look like gold (and it goes nicely with my super-red hair), middle is a gawdawful black tee with camo stars (love it!), and the last one is even worse...camo with a silver butterfly in the middle. They're AWFUL, but strangely enough, I still dig 'em.

Three pairs of luscious (cheap) shoes. Click for a bigger pic of my red slippers, black/silver/bronze flip flops, and the green butterfly flip-flops.

And a tan bag with gold threading throughout, black gypsy earrings, and a 3-set of turquoise, green, and white/wood danglies.

On top of all the wearable goodness, I blew the rest of the Half-Price gift card I got for Christmas. I purchased:

Zombie, by Joyce Carol Oates
Heroes and Villains, by Angela Carter
Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie (hardback, for my keeper collection)
Manhunting, Crusie
Tell Me Lies, Crusie
The Complete Stories of Zora Neale Hurston

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, we had lunch at
The Cheesecake Factory. Mom had fried shrimp, I had fish tacos, and of course we got cheesecake for dessert. She had the dulce de leche caramel cheesecake and I had chocolate peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake. SO GOOD. And they're inhuman-sized pieces. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. There were leftovers, so I'll be polishing those off later this evening.

Now, it's time to stroke my new stuff and read Call It Sleep.

Later, babies....


  1. Wow. Nice haul.

    Thanks for sharing book selections. I am into a reading mode now and need good books to stock up on.

  2. Believe it or not, my wife and some of her coworkers went to The Cheesecake Factory today as well (something about an anniversary dinner or somesuch). She brought home some leftovers which I ate immediately. Not too shabby.

  3. It's so cool that we can immediately see the cute clothes our girlfriends buy nowadays even if they live on the other side of the world.

  4. After talking to you earlier today, I was insanely jealous and decided to go to Half-Price Books myself.

    I'm glad you had a fantastic day. Cute stuff, by the way.

  5. Mariemm,
    Oates is always a good read, so I'd put her at the top of the list. Rather dark and violent, so be warned, but SO brilliant.

    Weird! It was my first trip to Ye Old Cheesecake Factory, and I WILL be going back at my earliest convenience.

    Isn't it fun??? The internet is a girl's best friend. I'm convinced.

    E., you can't dangle that carrot and not tell me what you bought!!! Come on! Call It Sleep is REALLY good, by the way. I'm actually diggin' it. Now if I didn't have all this other SHIT to do.

  6. oooo I love The Cheesecake Factory! There's one about 5 miles from where I live, and I go there once a month to buy their tea. I LOVE their iced tea! YUM!

  7. I love your new clothes!!! Very bohemian! How parisian ex-patriot of you!

  8. Vixen,
    The mango tea?? Oh my GOD it was good.

    THANK YOU!!!!! I love the parisian ex-pat vibe!! My Modern American lit class must be leaking over into my real life!


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