Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Insultation gyration....

It seems the habit of reading, in addition to my chosen profession (scholar), is one of the most easily criticized by people in general: family, friends, fuckrags, douchebags, strangers with no teeth. For it seems when we (colleagues/friends and I) share our love of reading and thought with another breathing human, said human assumes that it's ok to throw our thoughts and opinions and UNDYING LOVE of what we do into the gutter and take a piss on 'em.

**Jeremy just put his head over my shoulder and scared the shit out of me when I turned around. I, in turn, bit his neck. Moving on...

Here is a smattering of backhanded, nasty comments I've gotten when stupidly attempting to share my literary life with others. Or not...sometimes these come up when I'm minding my own fucking business:

  • What kind of life do you have? If you spend all your time reading, seriously, what kind of life is that?
  • There are better things to do than reading.
  • Who thinks crazy stuff like that? (in reference to any and all deep thoughts)
  • Do you really think this matters?
  • It's so pointless.
  • You're making this up. You're reaching. It's worthless.
And that's just a small sampling. I don't think for a moment I could walk up to an accountant and say, "You play with numbers all day? What a fucking waste of time."
Or a doctor, "You spend like 10 years in school? For what? You obviously have nothing better to do."
Or a fireman, "You climb into burning buildings on purpose? That's stupid and pointless."

I don't think that, and I would never say that. It just doesn't cross my mind to down other people's passions that way. I'm too wrapped up in my own happiness, I suppose. My worthless, pointless passions for higher learning, abstract thought, and the pursuit of that Truth thing that doesn't exist.

So, words to the wise...if you're ever in my presence and you make a shitty comment about my career or my hobbies to my face, I will wrap your intestines around your neck and string you up with them. Because there's just no sense in being nasty.

Listening: "Untouchable Face"...Ani DiFranco
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  1. People tell me that I'm wasting my time quite often when they hear that I am in a high stress corporate role.

    I think we all hear it from those that don't understand what we do in some shape or form.

    Fuck 'em all and do what you want!

  2. This is what the term 'shut the fuck up' was invented to handle.

  3. It astounds me that people actually have the balls to say something like that to anyone. What assfaces.

    If I ever got hit with that, I think I'd probably just shoot back with, "Well, I think you're a complete waste of oxygen and should have been strangled at birth, but at least I didn't walk up to you and say it... oops."

    You should do what you love, and people who don't agree with your choice can fuck off and die of syphilis.

    By the way, the new apartment stuff is looking good at the moment. When I get moved in there, you'll have to come over and hang out. We'll make mudslides and watch House.

    Gypsy Poetry

  4. Now why on god's green earth would you go and do some gawd dang thing like readin'? Aint never been no use for that them things round here...

    Who the hell makes these comments to you? Do you find these people in caves? If anything it should emphasize others stupidity when they bash your obvious wit, intelligence, passion for something not mindless...whatever, you get the point.

    I was just hoping you could string me up by my intestines. I'm thinking it's the only way I can lose some weight around here!

  5. AMEN! I always get "so you want to be a teacher?" No as a matter of fact I don't. I don't want to have to see your stupid offspring 180 days out of the year. I'll just sit in the back of the library and play with the books!

  6. I get that too. Once someone finds out I have an English degree they look at me with amazement, "So why aren't you teaching?" Because I don't want to dumb ass! People can be so rude.

  7. im starting a new fad. writing a novel on my stomach so people can read and give BJs at the same time.

    hey i'll let you be copatenter if you be my test subject :P

  8. untouchable face is the BEST SONG EVER.

    it is one of my VERY VERY VERY favourite songs.
    abc had never heard it, i think i scared him when i played it for him. HA

  9. Hmmm. Yes. I was HOT to say the least. It literally took all I had not to make another comment regarding Pynchon.

    I definitely feel your pain. At least we have each other.

  10. That is ridiculous. Often I say to my friends 'Read anything good lately?', and what do they say?,
    'Oh, I haven't got time to read.'
    I really don't see how people don't read. It really is the world's most worthwile pastime.
    Once I went to a debate where the motion was 'Big Brother has nothing to teach us'. The proposition's main argument was that it was based on a work of fiction (Orwell's 1984) and therefore could teach us nothing. Needless to say they got slaughtered. I rest my case. Books rule.

    The Good Girl

  11. wanted to add, that totally sucks and people can be such jerks.
    people are threatened by people who are able to use their own minds and have a thrust for knowledge.
    you inspire me greatly. fuck em all.

  12. An old friend was a chef, and one day we were at a party and someone asked him what he did. He replied, "I'm a chef," and the person then asked "Are you any good?"

    My friend paused for a second and said "Are you any good at your job?" and walked away.

  13. Cold, people suck. That's my final verdict.

    Suzz, how eloquent!! I agree.

    Eil, I'm all over some mud slides and House. I love House. Love. Hard. I would molest Hugh Laurie in a heartbeat.

    Funky, thanks. They're everywhere...not just in caves anymore. And I could stand to lose some intestine myself.

    Amanda, that is SO TRUE about the offspring. Can't deal! They have to be at least 18 before I'll have anything to do with 'em.

    LOL, Heather. Yeah, I used to get that when I wasn't teaching. Now that I am, apparently I shouldn't think or aspire to anything else. Makes people uncomfortable.

  14. Johnny, you're so vile. But brilliant. I'm in. We'll make a killin'.

    Gus, I can see how it could scare a penis-bearer. But it's still an AWESOME song!

    Elise, don't ever leave me. *dramatic music swells in the background*

    Good Girl, OHMYGOD at the argument about Orwell. That's assinine. Books do rule. Woot!

    Todd, ha! Love it. Gonna have to try that meself.

  15. "Iffin I'da wanted schoolin I'da gone to school"

    And I agree with suzz. No one has ever said, so working in a library, thats a bit shit isn't it. But if they did I think I know how I'd respond.

  16. Andi - being an accountant I will wholeheartedly agree with you that its a fucking waste of time!

    *oh shit that's a totally wrong attitude to have*

    How dare you insult my brilliant profession!

  17. Fence, you'd rip their little puny head off with your nails. Cuz you're the coolest.

    LOL, AMS! You rock my socks.

  18. Hah... for some reason your comment about firemen make me laugh because it is kind of true. I mean, how can they criticize your choice of careers (reading) when they enter burning buildings by choice? ;)

  19. LOL, Kitty. That one popped into my head at the last minute so I pounced (no pun intended). But yeah, I wouldn't go into a burning building. More power to the firemen. I'll be reading. ;)

  20. I used to read but fell out of the habit. However, I have decided to get back into it again with this trial run.

  21. Troy, I'm glad you've decided to give reading a try again. Let me know if you ever need some recommendations and I'm your girl!

  22. In terms of teaching, I've gotta stick up for high schoolers -- they can be really fun!

    I get the ever-charming, "Why are you a teacher? Can't you do anything else?"

    Bottom line: Reading well is hard. It takes work and practice and intellect. Those who cannot do it have to piss on it.

  23. All good points, Amanda. My teaching experience at the high school level was shat upon by crappy administrators, so I tend to forget how much I enjoyed my students most of the time.

  24. I totally understand that. I hate when people down anything I like. So you don't like it, but don't shit on it for me.
    Fuck 'em.

  25. Exactly, Kat. But I suppose people just like to lash out. Because that's so productive.

  26. Amen sistah.

    'Don't you do anything except read??'

    'Why, yes, I also spend a lot of time fielding insensitive comments from jerks like you.'


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