Friday, April 28, 2006

Misanthropy, cultural whoredom, and slothful bliss...

I always know when my blog stats take a huge hit, I'm being fucking boring and/or not posting enough. Readers are a finicky lot. Actually, without looking at my blog stats, I still know I'm being boring and not posting enough. It's a sad day when I say....

I have writer's block.

I do. It's tragic. I've had immeasurable trouble settling in to write school papers, to blog, AND even trouble writing my pieces for the upcoming issue of the 'zine. I'm hoping the problems will assuage slightly today as I'm feeling very fluttery and artistic. And it's cloudy outside which, oddly enough, helps. I hate sunlight. I think I'm 1/8th vampire. That would explain the archy eyebrows and penchant for black, white, and red.

I have another confession:

I haven't sat down to read a book in probably a month. I've slogged through parts of readings for classes and such, but my vigor for reading has been down the shitter. It's a concentration issue. However, even though I'm not reading, I'm still having a mad urge to order Siri Hustvedt's book of essays from Scamazon. OH, and Hugh Laurie's first novel, The Gun-Seller...because if he can act, write, row, and play music, I shall hunt him down and rape him. Like I don't have enough books as is. Check out this link to see my books.

I'm starting to feel the itch to read again, and here's a short list of the books I'm aching for:

Close Range: Wyoming Stories (Annie Proulx)...which I started a zillion months ago.
The Amber Spyglass (Philip Pullman)...also started and is undoubtedly wonderful. WONDERFUL!
The Human Stain (Philip Roth)..also started. Promises to intrigue.
The Position (Meg Wolitzer)...Heather liked and sent, which means I'll adore it.
...and a stack of graphic novels. Maybe I should start with those. Easily chewable pieces of literary goodness.

And I'm having a music craving, too. Elise and I went looking for Dave Matthews' solo album, Some Devil yesterday. Circuit City continues to be worthless--I'm sure many of you remember the laptop/restocking fee scandal from summer.

I hate the end of the semester. It's an emotional vomit stew.

Listening: "Collide"...Howie Day


  1. I'm pretty sure I have Some Devil. Lemme check.

  2. As for the reading, I have somehow tricked E into reading the asswhip that is Joyce's Ulysses with me sometime this summer. Doesn't that sound like a good time?

    And my blogging has taken a complete backseat to almost everything else. It's just a bad time of the year.

  3. I'm not sure why I agreed to reading Ulysses, as I'll likely slit my wrists before I even get through the first half.


    Fuck Circuit City. We should go to the Virgin mega store soon.

    Today's weather isn't really helping my productivity either. I just want to be under the covers reading.

    On another note, I just received a random call from Josh, which pretty much made my day. He says hi.

  4. Sole, I shall have it in my hot little hands before the weekend is out. Gonna check at Wally World tonight while I'm buying aquarium filters.

    Jeremy, I read 100+ pages of it a few years ago, and it's decidedly an asswhip.

    Elise, good luck! Maybe I should read a little. Because the writing still isn't fuckin' happening.

    And awwww, Josh! Is he here? There?

  5. A-train:

    Fuck The Man. Study what you want. You would NOT believe some of the bullshit people pawn off as dissertations here at MELUS. Speaking of which I signed up to try to get you a special edition of the MELUS journal entitled, "Multi-Ethnic Children's and Adolescent Lit." I think that is the title. Anyway, when I say it I thought of you so I decided to try to monk it for you. If nothing else I will monk it when no one is looking. Be Cool. See you on Monday. Get rid of the word verification!! I can never do it right!

  6. Thanks, T.! You're the shit. And I can't turn off the word ver. until the porn spammers go away. I can never do it right either. Don't feel bad. Hope Boca is treating you right.

  7. I have all of Some Devil on mp3s...if you want me to help out. Not the same as having the real thing, with the jacket liner and all, but lemme know if you want. Certaily cheaper.

    It must be the time of year. I've had zero desire to write anything. Or I would finish my story. Which I should do anyway before I forget what I want. Sign...

  8. Lemme look tonight, Heatheroo. If Wally-World doesn't have it I may hit you up. My only pause: I'm on dialup, so it takes forever to download anything resembling an MP3.


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