Sunday, April 02, 2006

My weekend via the bulleted list...

I'm tired. All you get are the bullets.

  • A haircut only vaguely akin to the one I wanted (my fault for telling her MORE TEXTURE)
  • Liquor with friends
  • Sleep


  • Book shopping (bought Middle Age by Joyce Carol Oates, and Jemima J by Jane Green)
  • Mexican food
  • Cleaning


  • Bitchiness
  • Flightplan...not totally awful
  • Capote...excellent

TV: Shit
Listening: Shit
Reading: Nothing


  1. and another late night it appears.....

  2. Hmmm...I need a haircut.

    I liked Jemima J.

    My bitchiness was on Friday. And a little on Saturday.

    Also, I loved My Antonia. I think I'll look up The Professor's House!

  3. Sounds like you need a nap.

  4. Cold,
    10:48 is still technically early. It switches to late sometime around midnight, and if that's the criteria, I was in bed early last night! :)

    I'm glad ya liked Jemima J. I'm looking forward to it. I hate my effin' hair, and that puts me in a REALLY bad mood. Must figure out how to style around it.

    Blame it on the hair. I'm a bitch about my hair when it's not right and I paid out the ass for it. It makes me want to simultaneously cry and kill someone with a rake.

  5. p.s. Love your About Me.

  6. I had mexican on Saturday too (food that is). It was deelish, I'm sure not as good as what you have in good ole Tejas but I assure you it's very, very good - one of the best establishments in the urea! Then the margaritas took over!

  7. Funky,
    I've never had good Mexican food above TX, but that's not to say that it doesn't exist! The margaritas sound yummy.


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