Thursday, April 06, 2006

Peachy days....

Yesterday was a good day. It's too early to decide how today's gonna be.

The goodness:

I asked Dr. S if she would direct my thesis and she said yes!!! Yay! I thought she probably would, but it's still nerve-racking to ask.

T. defended his thesis and kicked ass!

I'm ready to try Masala Bhangra (Indian dance workout). It looks like so much freakin' fun.

Watching: Today Show
Listening: "Message in a Bottle"...John Mayer
Reading: Call It Sleep, by Henry Roth


  1. Call it Sleep is an ass whip. It is sooooooo long.

  2. It is effin' long, but at least it reads pretty fast. Much faster than Tender is the Night. I hold out a glimmer of hope that I won't loathe Call It Sleep for this very reason.

  3. Bring that shit over to my house sometime and I'll do it with you. I'm trying to conjure up an image of what Indian dancing looks like and it seems pretty amusing.

    I'm all over that. I'm sure we'll tear it up.

  4. We would tear that shit up. Durango and Kahlua would probably be totally opposed and attempt to disable us by pinning us to the floor and/or chewing on our toes. And then we could go to The Clay Pit!

  5. I saw a thing on the masala dance classes this morning and was thinking the same thing! It does look like fun!

    Congrats on the thesis!!

  6. Thanks, Funky! If I make it to DC for that conference we'll masala! lol

  7. meridith from the view will be there soon WOO HOO.

  8. Congradulations on finally having a good day ;)

    And way to go T!

    That Masala Bhangra looks hard. I think I'll stick to my treadmill.

    I'm so lazy.

  9. I'm glad today MIGHT be better but yesterday was good. I'm still freakin sick. I love the album choice as usual.

  10. Greep,
    I'm SO GLAD they got her. I would've died 1,000 deaths if they'd let Alexis Glick take that spot or someone equally as annoying.

    LOL, Heather. An exercise bike is the only workout I've ever been able to keep up. I usually hate everything else, but something dancy would be good, I think!

    Aww, get better soon, Sole. And I've been listening to this song for dayyyys on end.

  11. Your schedule makes me tired just thinking about it.

    Got the book today. Hoping to be able to do all three things I promised. If not, I will add book to next month's.

  12. Non, it makes me tired too. I'm draggin' ass tonight and have a feeling I'll be zonked out by 11.

    Lookin' forward to your writings this month!


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