Sunday, April 09, 2006

A productive weekend indeed....

First off, I feel like death. The snot monster has once again invaded my head and my mouth is drier than a popcorn fart because I'm doped up on Tylenol Allergy Sinus. It's not a pretty picture, babies, but I'll have to suck it up and try to be halfway attractive tomorrow because I'm teaching a professor's children's literature class.

I finished 15 of the 20 annotations for my honkin' bibliography. I'm halfway through Call It Sleep, I posted some stuff for Picture Books, I prepped for tomorrow's class, and I even had some time left over to watch a National Geographic special about the Gospel of Judas and talked to my friend Sherrie from NC. Not bad if I say so myself.

Sherrie may come visit this summer, and I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THE PROSPECT! Go over to Projectile Reviews to read more about that.

Oh, and to any of you feverishly searching for the Kelly Pickler sex tape, it's not HERE! Give it up! Site Meter is a wonderful thing. *evil grin*

On TV: Everybody Loves Raymond the Douchebag
Listening: "Leisure Suite"...Feist


  1. Hopefully you'll start to feel better with a good night's rest. We need our Andi to feel better!

  2. Thanks, Cincy! I hope I feel better. I don't want to slime anyone in class tomorrow. :D

  3. So I'm finally back after a terribly long week, just getting caught back up. Bummer about the snot factory.

    I read about the Judas thing. What was your take on the whole thing?

  4. Os,
    Welcome back!

    It certainly sounds like the gospel was from the time of the other documents in the Bible. There were 33'ish gospels in all, so what's another one floating around? lol

  5. You've had a bad snot monster year.
    Stop it. You make me feel bad for you.
    Kelly Picklerr has a sex tape? Why is she still on the show?

  6. LOL, AMS. It's an old saying. Or at least something my mother has said all my life so as to convince me it's an old saying.

    Kat, I don't think she really does. I think it's just the horny teens of America gettting their hopes up. I wish they'd get their hopes up somewhere other than my blog, though. You wouldn't believe how many hits I've had for that nebulous tape.

  7. A couple of things:

    1. Hot compresses on the sinuses will help with the snot. Plus it just feels damn good!

    2. Interesting about the Juda gospel, huh? Sure does have the Christian coalition's panties in a twist!

    3. Who the heck is Kelly Pickler??

    4. I hope you feel better soon!!

  8. Vixen,

    1. Good to know! I'll try that!

    2. I'm sure they're very twisted over it.

    3. Kelly Pickler is a country-fied American Idol contestant.

    4. Thank you!! I've lived so far, so I might just make it.

  9. Who's Kelly Pickler?

    That sounds like a good porn name, actually.

  10. Snot-monster slayer=Aleve Cold and Sinus

    The downside is that (well, here in NC anyway) you have to give the drugstore folk your name, address, ID, shoe size, names of your last 4 sexual partners and a blood sample in order to purchase it. You know, they want to make sure that my meth lab is still closed down.

    Would that I could get away from grading essays long enough to run a meth lab...

  11. Non, it is a fantastic porn name! But it's actually a very hickified contestant on American Idol. She may resort to porn one of these days, though.

    I haven't tried Aleve Cold/Sinus! I love Aleve as a general enables me to live through my period each month, so I can only assume they would do wonders for my sinuses.

    Jeremy, Elise, and I have thought of starting a meth lab to fund the English dept. Or an underground porn ring. No go yet. ;)

  12. perhaps a porn ring that caters to those enamored with the death breath?

  13. Jeremy,
    Could be! I bet that would be quite the unique porn ring.

  14. Um, true (and sad) story:
    A teacher (of severely mentally handicapped children) at my old school and her husband were arrested for having a meth lab in their basement. Her stepson turned them in.

    The good news? She got to keep her job.

  15. Oh my GOD! I can't believe people actually do stuff like that. You never know. My friends could all be serial killers..and I've got the perv angle covered. Hmmphf.


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