Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I actually got a full eight hours of sleep last night. Highly attributable to the 3 I got the night before, but nonetheless it was a good thing. I still feel as if a sheep has crawled through my ear, into my head, and backed his fluffy ass up to my nasal passages, but at least I'm upright and can still hear a little. I expect to sneeze white fluff or lambskin condoms any time now.


I had the weirdest (actually 2nd weirdest) dream last night. I'm waiting for TheOtherFeminist to interpret me. It went a little something like...

I was expelled from my homeland for some stupid reason, so one of my professors (who shall remain nameless except to say D-rock) took me into his home to live with his family. I had my own room, so I was cool with that. He had a teenage daughter in the dream who was delightful and fun and we became friends. I discovered one night, as I was feeling homesick for my own family, that there were caves beneath D-rock's home. As luck would have it I could magically morph into Robin Williams...but not just Robin Williams...Robin Williams in a bionic robot suit/diving gear. Outside the caves and passages under D-rock's house there was an ocean and I wanted to go diving. So, go-getter that I/Robin Williams am, I morphed, tore through some rock with my bionic claws and went diving in the hidden ocean thingy. It was pleasant for a while, but I discovered a shipwreck with some dead bodies, etc. which freaked my freak, so I returned to the house. What I hadn't taken into consideration was that by tearing through the rock, I opened the floodgates so to speak, and the house was flooded. As a result of the flood, D-rock's teen daughter was killed and I fled in shame without ever telling he and his wife that it was my fault. I found myself in a medieval land full of kilted, scrungy men, hiding behind hay bales and other such stinkies in sort of a mazelike situation. All I was really concerned with was hiding from D-rock and keeping away from the scrunge-factor.

And then I woke up. Not as good as Fem's "Patrick Stewart as God in an irridescent, transparent jumpsuit on a great mattress in the sky" dream...but close. Maybe.


The night that I only got three hours of sleep, it was because of a flood of epiphanies. I've decided to apply to the PhD programs at:

Illinois State
University of Florida
Texas A&M

If I don't get into any of those programs, or some other program with a tuition waiver, I will not be pursuing my PhD at this time. I can't imagine getting into any more debt than I'm already in. So, if the PhD doesn't work out, I will be taking a full-time community college teaching position or going corporate. Whatever earns me the most clams.

I saw a show on HGTV the other day that featured THE HOUSE I WANT! I've always wanted a home build on the countryside that appeared New York loftish inside. And this guy had one! My dream is possible! And it'll take money and a bitchin' bit of investing on my part to ever have it. So I have to figure out how to make that happen...whether it's with a PhD or a real job.

Epiphanies, I now know, are exhausting.

Listening: "More Human Than Human" ...White Zombie

I am the jigsaw
Man I turn the
World around
With a skeleton hand say -
I am electric head a cannibal core a
Television said
Yeah do not victimize
Read the mother
Fucker-psychoholic lies -
Into a psychic war I
Tear my soul
Apart and I
Eat it some more


  1. Let me know if you become ready and willing to come be a corporate slave here with me in Addison, I know people ;) (Evil people, but evilness pays you know.)

  2. I havent seen a spammer in ages, very nice.

  3. I hope you get a chance to study for your PhD. When I first started college I wanted to get mine. I was going to get my PhD in Psychology. I even found a mentor and was going to do research and present at the APA convention. I had it all planned out. But I got married instead and got my degree in accounting. Blech.

    Now I'm debating law school. Of course there's more to it but I might just do it. Good luck on whatever you decide.

  4. Eight hours of sleep? In one night? I haven't had one of those in years! You lucky gal. :)

  5. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! More human than you MAN! I'm SO looking forward to being published in the 'zine. :-)
    That is a great great great great dream! I have a lot of very detailed ones but that's superb! Rock on! Also, hope your doze fees beddah.

  6. Night before last, I dreamed that I was pregnant, but it was a weird pregnancy, so they had to give me a chemical abortion. At least that was what they called it; they put an IV tube in my arm and started giving me drugs that were supposed to kill my weird fetus.

    The strangest thing is that the hospital staff was the cast of Firefly.

    I can't remember what I dreamed last night, though I think it was about Marton Csokas. And something about my mother. Not together, of course. But then I woke up and the PissedOffedness started up, and my dreams went bye-bye.

    Gypsy Poetry

  7. Stay in academia your whole life. I wish I had.

    Well, no, not really. I didn't like school that much. Did well, just didn't like it.

    Never mind. I forgot what I was gonna say here...

  8. Steph, don't tempt me. I might take you up on your connections. Soon. lol And I would totally wanna work in Addison. The closer to The Clay Pit and Tokyo One the better.

    And yes, the spammers seem to have popped out of the woodwork today. time for word verification again even though I HATE IT.

  9. Thanks, Sole! I hope I get to, too. Good luck if you decide to do law school. I'm sure you'd blow 'em outta the water!

    Kestrel, it's the first time for me in a long time. Somehow I don't think tonight will go quite that way.

    Thanks, Andy! I'm looking forward to this next issue of the 'zine, too. Lots of good stuff coming up!

    Ooh, Eil! A Marton dream is always a good time. Chemical abortions, not so much! I have my fingers crossed for a Hugh Laurie dream tonight. Something involving a motorcycle and House's cane. Whee!

    LOL, Non. That was a superb brain fart. I probably will end up staying in academia, but some days it sounds really good to be making 30-40-50 thou at a desk all day. While surfing blogs, of course.

  10. You have much cooler dreams than I do, from what I can remember anyway.

    Is that Patrick Stewart dream blogged somewhere that I can read about it??? Link please, I gotta hear more!

  11. Catie,
    That dream is definitely the exception. They're pretty dull most of the time. lol

    The Patrick Stewart is not blogged, but I'll try to wrangle her into guest-posting it. :)

  12. ok, I will give it a go on your dream. It is really packed with a lot of stuff and some of it I am still at a loss as to how to interpret. Mazes, water, caves, going underground are all very feminine symbols. Water is the source of all life. Caves and water are symbols of womb and rebirth-also birth of ideas. Originally, Labyrinths did not go in multi-direction to where you got confused. The path usually lead to a center, to come to a realization or enlightenment, to move from the profane to the sacred, an attainment of sorts, or even initiation. Sometimes moving through difficult tasks and when you get to the center you usually achieve something. This sounds a little corny, but think about the movie Zorro when Anthony Hopkins train Antonio Banderas by starting out at the outer circle and moving in, and when he gets to the center he is expert, or at least ready. However, trying to find your way through a labryrinth that twists and turns and is puzzling requires skill, finding solutions to a problem. Digging through the cave, especially if they are underground is symbolic of initiation and rebirth. All knowledge and wealth come from within the womb of the Great Mother. I really don't know what to do with the Robin Williams part, I will think about that. It is kind of interesting that you are tearing at rocks and you call Dr_____ D-Rock. His daughter may actually be a part of you. The fact that you killed her may just mean that you let go a part of you in order to move on. The young girl enters with you and does not come back out-rebirth. The magical suit is just you own abilities. Remember you last dream I talked about how the soul is an autonomous well that knows what you need and it gave you a magical skin to tear throught to what you need. So wear that suit and do what you need to do and then give it back. you only wear it when you have to. It is getting near the end of the semester and it is stressful so you are doing what it takes. You are also making decisions about your future. hum, have to stop now to think about the other aspects of your dream and I guess I will post my god and mattress one. TTFn-theotherfeminist

  13. crap, there are type-Os, tired I guess-fem

  14. Fabulous interpretation, Fem. Love it, love it. You did that all without looking at a website, didn't you? I have to refer to dreammoods.com. Heheh

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