Friday, April 21, 2006

Six things...

The lovely Vixen tagged me. I'm supposed to tell six things no one knows about me. I have a ton I haven't spewed here, but it's remembering it on the spot that's tricky.

1. I lost my "flower" at age 22.

2. I still feel guilty that my CPR skills didn't save my grandfather...even though, intellectually, I know no one's breath would have saved him.

3. The buds on the yucca plant in my backyard look like glands, and that bothers me.

4. I believe in God, but I think humans fuck up religion.

5. Two of my high school students in NC came to me with their problems. I saved them, and that responsibility is what drove me from public school teaching.

6. I strongly believe that the more you learn, the less you know. It's a wonderful confusion when binaries crumble.


  1. Right there with ya on #4, hon. We are a motley bunch, that's for sure.

    As far as #1, have you tried reminding yourself that at least you tried to save him? That's more than a lot of peeps would do, because most peeps don't know CPR. We're a sacred bunch.

    And if I had a plant outside my window that looked like it had human glands, I'd be digging that sucker up, cuz, well, that's nightmare food! LOL

  2. Crap, that #1 should be #2. I really need to work on my short term memory can be rather m-bare-ass-ing. ;)

  3. I remind myself, Vix, and most of the time it works. But there's still that lingering sense of regret and guilt. I think it's inevitable when you want someone around so badly.

    And the plant had better be pretty to make up for this gland business, that's for sure. :)

  4. I'm with you on 4 and 5. Sigh...

  5. Do you need me to send you some flowers for the one you lost?

  6. Right on, Sole.

    Os, nah. I don't miss it.

  7. andi,
    you are wise indeed. And a babe.

  8. Todd, as long as I still maintain my babe status, all is right with the world. Now if I was just ASLEEP.

  9. Numbers 4 and 6, baby.

    I don't believe in any of the major religions' tenets. I have my own.

    But I'm really afraid Scientology might just be catching on...

  10. Wait, I meant to say I do believe in them, I don't believe in their ideologies.

    Shit. I should go back to bed. My eyes are all puffy from crying and I've smoked far too many cigarettes...

  11. Sins, nice heels you have there. I'd kill myself in those.


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