Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Uppers, downers, and all-arounders....

I'm slightly more mellow than I was this morning. Although, if I don't get my ass to bed I'm going to be strung out on rage again tomorrow. Things on my mind. Which I hate. It screws up my already horrible sleep cycle.

You are officially not allowed to comment on this portion of the post.

I'm single again. By my own hand. I know it had to be done because of school shit, etc. etc., but it's still a downer. Downer.

We're on good terms, still friends.


Trying to plan out when exactly I'll be building my thesis committee and all that. Planning to bust my ass in summer courses in an attempt to be DONE by next May. DOOONE. Finished.

I'm really excited that I might be taking an Art History course in the Fall. I haven't taken one since my Capstone during my senior year of college. Art History makes me quiver like a puddle of KY.

We found snake eggs in our yard yesterday. SNAKE EGGS. You bet I said a prayer to TGLJC that my dogs don't get man-handled by a wayward snake. We took it upon ourselves to dig up the eggs, stomp on them, and throw them out into the street. Never trust anything with no legs.

I have to go read 30 more mins of Tender is the Night.

G'nite my lovelies....

Listening: "Threadbare Gypsy Soul"...Willie Nelson and Pat Green

P.S. Quote o'the day compliments of Jeremy:

"Maybe we should talk to A-train about the new website:

Sounds like it's sweeping the nation."


  1. I would love to take an art history class.

    How did you know they were snake eggs?

  2. They were half-buried. And my mom asked around. She grew up out in the sticks, so she had some idea anyway.

  3. Never trust anything with no legs.

    You're just prejudiced against those double amputees. ;)

    Just think... only four more days until we can ogle men in kilts.

    Gypsy Poetry

  4. I'm going to comment--are you saying your hand won out over D.?

  5. Eil,
    Damn. You figured me out. lol
    I love men in kilts!

    Can you explain? I don't know what you mean.

  6. You should paint the snake eggs pastel colors for Easter. That'll piss off the snakes.

  7. OMG..Im searching my yard right this second for any kind of eggs. They are all going down.

    Well..maybe I will wait until tomorrow when its light outside.

    But then they are going down.

  8. Sweetie, I need you to email me. You need to join our Girl Gang.

    P.S. I love snakes. Can't help it. But not the venomous type. I like the ones that SQUEEZE.

  9. I plan on taking my sweet ass time. I'll be finished with the A&M C gauntlet in a year and a half because I love punishment and picking a thesis/595 committee will be an asswhip of the most royal sort (no pun intended) (pun sort of intended).

  10. Todd, while the snake egg idea is very attractive (I could give the colored eggs to my lil cousins), the whole point is to avoid pissing off the snakes. *sigh*

    Anne, most definitely a good idea if you have pups or other such fur-babies. Light would probably be good. Just in case mama snake is around.

    Non, just e-mailed ya! And I like anything that squeezes. Color me easy.

    Whahahaha, Rev! Good pun indeedio. Hope you had fun in film today. I thought of you as I ate beef fajita nachos (not the pussy chicken kind).

  11. im freaked out by the snake eggs


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