Monday, May 15, 2006

And it all begins again...

Did I mention I'm taking a May-mini course? That's right, bitches, 11 days of 4.5 hour classes. I'll be up to my eyeballs in short-story-to-film adaptations Monday through Thursday from 1:00-5:30 (or maybe a little later according to the brilliant fucking slavedriver at the helm). My mother informed me tonight that I'm a masochist

1) because I'm taking a class a mere 4 days after the others ended
2) because I like all the obscure zero-respect fields within literature..namely Children's lit and graphic narrative. What can I say? I apparently like struggle and obscurity. It's the artist figure in me that secretly wants to stick her head in the oven.

So in this particular course, we each choose a short story and its film adaptation we want to teach. I chose Daniel Clowes' graphic narrative, Ghost World and the resulting oh-so-fucking-fabulous film starring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson (before her breasts and her Tanya Tucker voice got her famous), and the effervescent Steve Buscemi (who, oddly enough, looks like Peter Parker's wife). It should be a good time.

In other news, I managed to scam an A in both of my classes. I checked this afternoon and they were both (finally) posted. Why scam? Because I feel like a total fraud most of the time. Someday someone will figure out that I'm not smart and take away my "English Nerd" membership card which assures me the right to analyze literature.

I'm actually--secretly in the depths of my ashen heart--glad to be taking a class. Without intellectual stimulation I turn into a horrible person who mumbles a lot, snaps the heads off of innocent bystanders, and generally thinks she's done nothing of value with her life and if she died tomorrow people would not attend the funeral.

Listening: 30 Seconds to Mars..."The Kill"
Watching: Blank TV screen
Reading: Lots of short stories
In my head: Lymph backup (generally centralized to my nose piercing)


  1. That's awesome Andi. I took a film & lit class, and did my project on "Girl, Interrupted". I had a friend do hers on "Fight Club", one on "A Clockwork Orange", and another one do it one "Valley of the Dolls" (I kid not). Actually, Amanda was in that class with me.

    I wish I would have though about "Ghost World". That would have been kickass to do. I so need to get around to reading/watching it...

  2. Glad your class went well.

    In a way, I kind of wish that I had taken it just because I know that after a few days of being off from school with nothing to do, I'll be ready to start contemplating the various appeals of the oven and the appearance of how my head might look in it.

    For now though, I'm glad to have the time off, though I still feel the need to be productive.

    Play date either on Friday or Sunday?

  3. Hey! Congrats on scoring the A's! What else did you have to do to get those???

  4. Friday would probably be better for me. What shall we do? There are a bunch of awesome movies at the Magnolia.

    Os, I get by on my laurels, and my kickass writing. No bj's required. I get toothy.

  5. Nicky, oohh, a Fight Club paper, or a Girl Interrupted, or even a Valley of the Dolls sound heavenly!

  6. Friday is fine.

    A movie at either the Magnolia or the Angelika sounds good. We should definitely grab something yummy to eat somewhere around either of the two theaters.

  7. When I read your blog, I miss my days in the Lit world.

    But only when I read your blog.

    I read seven books on vacation, Andi. That counts for one every day. Some days, I didn't read; some days, I read two. And yes, I still got out and did stuff. I re-read two of them twice.

    I hope someday you have enough time to make it to Dallas for a drink. When you do, the first couple of rounds are on me, chickie!

  8. After the last month of running on alcohol and cigarettes, I'm planning on spending the next few weeks under house-arrest, detoxing.

    Good luck with the class.

  9. Congrats on the As Andi.

    I've heard a lot of good things about this Ghost World film, but still not seen it. Nor the comic either. Must rectify that at some stage.

    Enjoy the class.

  10. Sounds good, E.!

    OK, Non, as I always say, "You can't dangle that carrot!" What did you read?

    Have fun detoxing, J. Try to hit the trash can.

    Definitely rectify, Fence. I think you'd like the book and the movie.

  11. Congrats on the A's, sweety! Good job!

    Oh, and you know about burn-out, right?

  12. Thanks, Vixen! And I'm all too familiar with burn out. Which is why I'm doing this mini, so I can have the entire month of June off. Yay!

  13. Congrats on the grades, Andi. Your new class sounds sweet. I love the movie Ghost World, but I have yet to read the graphic novel.

  14. Hey, well done on the A's. Hope I can do as well in my exams :S

    I totally know what you mean about classes. In really long holidays, (which my school is fond of), I always feel myself slipping into apathy and I HATE IT. I feel like I need to learn stuff, or just die of boredom.
    I really must rent Ghost World, STILL haven't watched it. I'm sooo behind in my to-watch list.

  15. Ghost World was fantastically fun.

    Don't know if I'd consider graphic narrative and children's lit zero-respect considering the predominance of books from both genres that win awards, get made into films, etc.

    Sounds like a fun class, hope you enjoy it.

  16. Ghost World is perfect. Just perfect.

  17. Heather and GG,
    I'll tell you both in one up the movie and the book. So FABULOUS.

    Todd's right...perfect!

  18. Carl, when I said zero respect I was referring to academia. In mainstream culture they're respected fine, but in academic circles there's a distinct hierarchy and graphic narrative and children's lit are bottom rungs.


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