Wednesday, May 17, 2006

And it was a good day....

Today was one of those days when I was so enamored with being in love with life that the top of my head popped off and the sun shone on my cerebral cortex and promptly sent a sparkling ray of wonderment out my ass.

Such a good day.

Class was amazing and fabulous and enlightening and I had all (ok, most) of the right answers. Yay! Rapid fire grilling can be fruitful after all. I TALKED a lot in class today, my friends. No more squelching. I go to 11, bitches ("Spinal Tap" reference!).

I broke down and bought 30 Seconds to Mars's album, A Beautiful Life and oh my GOshDAMN heavens, it's fantastic. I love this shit. It's obviously angsty and screamy, but Jared Leto's voice could well be my next man-crush. Especially if I have to divorce Hugh over what might or might not happen on the season finale of House. OK, I'm kidding, I won't divorce Hugh--"What does a guy have to do to make you hate him?"--oh I know! Knock up CUDDY! Jared Leto is not old enough or manly enough for my full attention, but his voice is like butta. The Dallas show sold out. *whine* Will definitely be reviewing this album for the June issue of Estella.

I've been thinking of everything
I used to want to be
I've been thinking of everything
Of me, of you and me

This is the story of my life
These are the lies I have created
--"The Story"

I went to my book group meeting tonight for the first time since...August. Yep, August. I've missed those ladies. They're fun. Except for the fucknut that thought The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time was too hard to read. It was written for ADOLESCENTS. *containing my eye roll*

I'll be quoting D.H. Lawrence for you all tomorrow. He's part of the reason class went so well today. So erotic. So understated. I haven't read Lawrence in ages, and it's been TOO LONG, darlings. Lady Chatterly's Lover is coming off the shelf (no pun intended).

And before this gets any more manic, I'm going to bed. I have homework to finish in the morning.

Listening: "A Modern Myth"...30 Seconds to Mars
Reading: Some gawdawful western story in preparation for Stagecoach tomorrow
In my head: Peace with the past. I can talk to you again.


  1. Yay for good days.

    You should bring the Jared Leto CD on Friday. I'm curious as to what his singing voice sounds like.

    I've tried a couple of times to read Lady Chatterlly's Lover, but I could never get into it. Perhaps I'll try again.

  2. Elise (I just typoed and called you Elsie), I'll def bring the CD. If I can get my burner to work I'll just make you your own copy, even if you hate it. lol

    Lady Chatterly took a lot for me to get into it, but once I did I really enjoyed it. DH Lawrence was one spicy mofo. Lots of haunches in all of his work.

  3. I'm so glad you had a good day!

    I'll have to check ole Jared's band out. I used to so crush on him during the My So-Called-Life years. And I could use some angsty stuff right now.

    Never tried DH Lawrence either...may have to give him a shot.

    OMG I won't divorce Hugh--"What does a guy have to do to make you hate him?"--oh I know! Knock up CUDDY! Love it!

  4. LOL, Heather. Love that "What does a guy have to do to make you hate him?" I'm so Cameron (blush). I think someone said that to me once.

    Jared's band = fabulous. They sound quite a bit like My Chemical Romance. I had a crush on him back then, too. He was the perfect Jordan Catalano, and from what I've seen of him in interviews he's exactly freakin' like Jordan. Which makes me not like him as much. He seems like not a nice person. lol Maybe just too angst-ridden even for my taste.

    Try to find a link to "The Horse Dealer's Daughter." It's the story we read to get me on this DH kick.

  5. Hehe, and to think you were making fun of poor Jared the other day.

    You'll be happy to know that Brittany is a huge 30 Seconds to Mars fan, too.

    Gypsy Poetry

  6. Oh God, Eil, at first I thought you meant Britney Spears. *facepalm*

    Since I now realize you mean Wenchie, I'm very relieved and in hella good company.

  7. For once--and this might just be the only time given that I never watch TV...seriously, I've been out of school for how many days now and yet to turn on the tube--I think I'll get in on the celebrity talk.

    I really enjoyed My So-Called Life, but what happened to Jared Leto and his pretty blue eyes after that?

    I think he made a brief appearance on How to Make an American Quilt (correct me if I'm wrong).

    And then he was Colin Farrell's insinuated bedmate in Alexander--which I think was not really a good role for him.

    So now he's in a band? Hmmm. Can't wait to hear it.

  8. He did a string of mostly unsuccessful movies and cameos after My So-Called Life. Movies off the top of my head and just a sampling:

    How to Make an American Quilt
    Urban Legend
    Fight Club
    Girl, Interrupted
    American Psycho (which I need to read AND watch)
    Requium for a Dream
    Panic Room

    and now he's going to be in Chapter 27, for which he gained 70 pounds and plays Mark David Chapman, the guy who shot John Lennon. He looks AMAZING in that movie. And not amazing good...amazing huge and just like Lennon's killer. Crrrazy.

  9. I love 30 sec to mars. I lip "scream" to it. I probably look like I'm having a fit....

  10. AMANDA! I totally lip-scream! I love lip screaming. It's the best catharsis ever. I'm lip screaming The Kill as we speak. Have you seen that video?? It's on MTV Overdrive and it's amazing. An homage to The Shining! SO FANTASTIC. And creepy.

  11. I want to have a good day like THAT!

  12. Come to Texas, Funky! I'll take you to class with me and then we'll get drunk.

  13. Haha, yes, Wenchie, not the skank whore.

    You're coming over for the House finale party, right? I've told Wenchie that she must come back out next week, and she told me that she was already going to, as the Lost season finale is next Wednesday. If you'll bring stuff for cherry vodka sours, I'll come up with something creative for dinner. And Wenchie will grace us with her presence or something. XD

  14. I'll be there with bells on and an armload of vodka!

  15. I heard them, I heard them!

    Well, only a snippet, but I liked what I heard!!! Will listen more when I get home.

  16. Yay! Listen to MORE, Heatheroo! Lemme know how you like it.


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