Thursday, May 25, 2006


Ever get sick of hearing yourself talk? Or reading yourself talk, as the case might be. I worked up a post last night, posted it, read it over, and promptly sent it to the draft folder. It just sounded so meaningless and pat. I struggle on this blog with talking about school all the time or talking about meaningless shit all the time. Those are the polar opposites that make up my life at the moment. I'm either at school working my ass off or I'm at home, still thinking about school, but watching some shitty TV so my eyes have something to do while I'm thinking about school. Or there is the third category: watching the TV so my eyes have something to do but actually thinking nothing because my brain has decided to protest.

Two more days of class after today. Maybe then I'll be somewhat amusing again.

Then I'll be teaching a night class at the junior college. The little sloths are already e-mailing me trying to make deals about being late, making up work, getting me to e-mail work. And the first class day isn't until next week. I'm putting my bitch face on as we speak.

Pointless TV: Today show
Listening: Nothing
Reading: film theory and more short stories
In my head: Hunger pains


  1. Well, I'll never get tired of reading you.

    I don't think.

    Sounds like to me you need a vacation.

  2. Thanks, Heatheroo. I get one after Wednesday of next week. Sort of. Bet you $10 I'll be bored and annoyed by day 3 of vaca!

  3. What is your night class going to be about?

    And I agree with Heather. :)

  4. you always post wonderfully!

  5. i cant believe those bastards are already trying to get concessions from you.

    lets go get a drink, sounds like we could both use one.

    Todd told me he was going to tell you to hang out with me because I'm "not that scary at all." ;)

  6. No worries Andi - I'm feeling the same way. Like nothing I say makes any sense or is worth reading these days. Just take a break, get done with school (only a couple of days...WOO HOO) and then bring back some of your witty shit! Can't wait. Send some of those good writing vibes my way too! Thanks

  7. Ooooooooo it sounds like your night students are going to help you produce some truly wonderful posts! LOL

    AND EAT!! :)

  8. I don't mind if you're "not interesting." I like knowing how you're doing since I never talk to you. =)

  9. Muse, I found out today I'm teaching two! One will be developmental reading and one will be developmental writing. Since I don't have my Master's yet, I'm not qualified to teach anything higher level. I've been teaching this stuff for two academic years (and summers), so it's gettin' a bit ooold! The up-side is that I'll be helping teach a childrens-lit-to-film class in Summer II.

  10. Awww, thank you Amanda-dearest.

    LOL, Cold! We can go drink after next Wednesday. As long as it's not on a week night since I'm teaching two summer classes. Fuck. This school thing really limits my social opportunities. But we WILL drink together, damnit!

    Thanks, Funky. Witty vibes are on the way! That sounds like it could be the next groovy American Idol single!

    Vixen, they usually do. Although, I think the BEST stories I've ever far...were from the public library. There were some weird fuckin' freaks in there.

    Aww, thanks, Cher!!!

  11. Wait for the shirt, dammit!

  12. I think no matter how creative we may be, our blogs tend to take on a certain theme or personality. The more one blogs, the more it takes the shape of one's daily life. If school is what your life is about right now, so be it. I enjoy your blog either way.

  13. Thanks, Sole. And I agree...this blog is representative even if it is quite repetitive. Such is life!

  14. I'm not really clear how you read as much, do as much, blog as much and still have time to be funny and have something to say. You shouldn't really have time to even answer comments so don't let me slow you down. Keep typing fool!

  15. Dale, actually, reading has taken a big hit. Well, I shouldn't say that. I'm reading lots of stuff for school, but it's an article here and there and I feel like I never actually finish anything.

    Other than that, I don't sleep much. It's a waste of time when there are other things I want to do.


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