Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Books: Fabulous Passage of the Day

From The Golems of Gotham, by Thane Rosenbaum:

Despair, if nothing else, is a private matter. The mind isn't required to share such information. That's because the soul is the master of its own short-circuitry, the system shutdown, the fading pulse that monitors the brokenness of both spirit and heart. When a state of mind sinks to a point where the life itself--the day-to-day engagements, the nightly slumber and silences--becomes unbearable, who are we to second-guess or armchair analyze? There was no way to properly insert oneself inside the minds of the Levins and follow the logic of [Holocaust]survivors who would one day choose a synagogue as the setting to turn off their own life-support systems.


  1. Hmmm . . . you probably shouldn't read my biting review of the novel until you've read it. Apparently, though, I seem to be alone in my lack of admiration for the work. Happy reading!!

  2. Different strokes for different folks, Jeremy.

    (You read that right.)

    Perhaps, Andi, you could writ your own review. Meanwhile, I'm checking out Jeremy's.

  3. Non, isn't it? I just love the way he writes.

    Jeremy, I'm on all of page 5, so I may have some of the same issues you did by the end. Regardless, I love his words. Beautiful turn of phrase, don't you think?

    X, if I finish it in the next couple of days I'll be writing a review of it for EstellasRevenge.com. I should have plenty of free time (and when's the last time I could say that?).

  4. "Despair, if nothing else, is private" I like that. Though I would imagine a book with that type of writing is very hard to read through without wanting to pull your hair out. Ok, without me wanting to pull my hair out! LOL

  5. LOL, I'm not very far in, but I'll let ya know how my hair makes out.

  6. wow.

    ill have to check it out for sure. im so in read-mode right now and I love it!

  7. pleasepleaseplease go check nongirlfriend's latest posting and let us know your thoughts

  8. Steph, I'm on chapter four (and going strong), and it's very good. Lots of luscious passages like the one posted here.

    And I checked out NonGF's post! I'm in! Just lemme know when.

  9. Yea! I was hoping you could join us!


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