Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I'm such the fucking crankypants bitch today. The oddity of it all is that I seem to have adapted to weird sleep patterns...so much so that if I get too much sleep (also known as a normal amount of sleep to the rest of the world) I feel like droopy ass the next morning. Case in point, night before last I got 3 hours of sleep. Three. Yesterday morning I felt fantastic and danced around the writing center humping people's legs. In contrast, last night I got 7 hours of sleep. Against my will...I passed out watching House. Today I feel like hammered shit and hate everyone. Two of my colleagues got no sleep at all...worked all night, high on energy drinks, took a shower in the early hours, and came on in to work. Another colleage got three hours of sorta-sleep. I'm the only one who's "well-rested." Given, they're all a little cranky because they all have papers due today, etc., but I'm uber-cranky. The crankiest of all the fucking cranks. Why? Because I feel like a hungover crack addict detoxing because I SLEPT TOO MUCH. I felt almost blissful and euphoric yesterday, and today I want to reach into someone's throat and forcibly remove their spine.

Fuck sleep.

And fuck the International Comic Arts Festival for not getting their notices out on time. Thanks a lot, assholes.

Other ways people are annoying me today:

Sitting at the table where we usually sit
Being retards

That pretty much sums it up.


  1. I think I finally fell asleep at a little before 7 this morning. I woke up at 9:45. It's time to get wired again, if I want to function somewhat normally today.

  2. I'll try to send some of my good mojo your way today. I have tons of it this morning.

  3. Elise, Jeremy is running on energy drinks and Goose is just coming down from the high. Join the partay. I would be hopped up on Excedrin but I left it at home. Another reason for the crankypantsedness.

    Sole, much appreciated.

  4. Hey there, Crankypants! I hear you. I'm still working on Caribbean Daylight Time here. I'm tossing and turning at night since I don't have the rocking of the ship to put me to sleep. And now I have to sleep with the blankets, rather than keeping my door to the balcony open letting the sea breezes in. It sucks.

  5. I wish I could afford to pay someone to assassinate me.

  6. tell us more about this leg humping....

  7. {{{Andi}}}

    And eat something sweet. That should elevate your mood to "ooooo I'm eating sugar!" levels. :)

    Hey, works for me! LOL Don't forget, House 2 parter tonight, tomorrow night! WOOT!

  8. Os, you poor thing. lol

    Jeremy, I'll do it for free.

    Cold, it was quite erotic. It involved an interpretive dance of sorts.

    Vix, I've had MORE than my share of sugar this week. We have (had) a big bowl of chocolate at work. Not good! I'm STOKED about House. Hugh Laurie is a sexy bitch.

  9. Damn..Im scared to comment..

  10. Don't be scared, Jen. I'll still be nice to my bloggy peeps. Long day, but I'm significantly better.

  11. I've had to re-learn the whole sleeping thing as well. Apparently, the middle of meetings with the boss wasn't the best time for it. Hmmm.

    Find a good Hugh look-alike and get a decent massage; one of those clensing, body poisen pushing around kinds that gets oxygen up to the brain.

    Hope it looks up for ya soon. Peace!

  12. Your sleep pattern is just screwed up a little.
    3 hours of sleep every night is certain to kill you.

  13. FindingHeart,
    That massage thing sounds like a capital idea. Love it. Will get on that immediately.

    Kat, you are right, as always. Got a good 7 again last night.


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