Saturday, May 06, 2006

The embargo is off!

No more blogging embargo. Note: this post is split into two parts 1) school stuff 2)non-school stuff. Just call me efficient...saving time for those of you who don't give a shit about academia.

*****************School Stuff**************

Watertower paper is 99.8% done. I haven't done this much intellectual bleeding in ages. Ironic indeed that the most difficult paper I've written in graduate school is for a class on picture books--one of those subjects that most people wouldn't piss on if it was on fire. I see this horrible paper as a dry-hump...err, run...for my thesis. Why you ask? Because it's an asswhip, and against my better judgement I'm bringing together VERY disparate threads of meaning into one cohesive reading. It makes me wanna die. But I think it might just be damn good after I'm done rolling around in it.

Last week I was getting out of my sexy car to go into the Hall of Languages when one of my profs caught up with me. She's on my thesis committee (which I forgot to mention here last week...I have a thesis committee now. Three good profs...everyone I wanted) and was wondering if I'd like to be her assistant in the Fall. I said absolutely yes. If it works out (not a done deal yet) I'll be teaching her Children's Lit section part of the time and doing grunt work part of the time. The only down side of this: Fall is gonna be a beating. Here's the way it's shaping up:

9 hours of coursework:
Problems in Adolescent Lit
Multi-Ethnic Graphic Narrative (independent study under another committee member)
Thesis hours
Master's exam

Throwing a conference
Teaching one section of English 101...freshman composition
Being assistant to Dr. R if it goes through (not approved yet)
Other stuff I do outside of school (zine, social life, writing my own shit, watching House)
"Bricks" otherwise known as library committee stuff

**********************Other Stuff********************

In other news, I received my luscious goods from Amazon yesterday. I ordered the
PostSecret book, Dave Matthews' solo album, Some Devil, and Siri Hustvedt's book of essays, A Plea for Eros. I love getting good stuff in the mail. Good stuff generally means anything other than a Capital One credit card offer (bastards) or loan consolidation materials (bigger bastards).

When the mail arrived I was sitting in the sunroom reading The Gun Seller and drinking green tea. I quickly unwrapped my goodies and hauled ass back out to the sunroom with the PostSecret book and read that bitch cover to cover in an hour. Given, it's not a lot of text, but I still surprised myself by eating it up so fast.

My mom and I ventured out to "Foxfest" today. My hometown has this little festival every year. There's a parade, vendor booths, food, dunking booth, food, kids and rednecks, pets, food, a blood drive, food. If you've ever seen Funny Farm, it's sort of like that town festival where Chevy Chase ends up in the fishing tournament, knocks a guy out, and ends up swimming to shore where he finds out he owes $4,000 on a funeral for a guy who was buried in his garden. Quirky...that's the word I'm looking for.

In just a few short hours I saw a sleeping hedgehog wearing a bow, a goat in a bikini, more catfish than is usually observed on land, several family members, a woman who wants me to marry her son (and I don't want to marry her son), and a friend from undergrad whom I haven't talked to in ages. She and I will be doing sushi soon and catching up. Overall it was a good time. Just bizarre. But that's to be expected in small town Texas.

Now I'm off to shower and read fun stuff. I refuse to start another paper until tomorrow.

Listening: "Clocks"...Coldplay
Reading: The Gun Seller
Thinking: That my nose itches.


  1. Glad to see your blogging hiatus is over.

    A Plea for Eros is sooo good. Read the essay called "Being a Man." I think that's what it's called.

    I've nothing academic for the 3rd day.

  2. Elise, can't wait to start the Hustvedt. We should read some Paul Auster this summer, too. Another friend of mine has been raving about him.

    And good for you for not being academic. You've been diligent...take a break.

    And you need to meet my friend Joy. We'll all go out for sushi.

  3. Glad to see you've gotten things accomplished. I might have to so something similar (but I doubt it).

    Love to hear about small-town "things". I think there's a travelling troupe of characters that show up to all of them across the country!

  4. Os, I think you're right. And that goat was the head of the pack. :)

  5. If you want any help with the zine during the fall, let me know. I might have some time to spare. :)

    Gypsy Poetry

  6. I would like to be re-introduced to joy. It's been a long, sad semester.

    Just think, A, only one more fucking paper to write. Due Thursday. By the way, when are you heading over on Monday? I thought we might ride together, as that would give me a chance to get handsy before the movie.

  7. A-train,

    We should definitely read some Paul Auster this summer. I've been looking at a couple of his works longingly on Amazon. And you have to have to HAVE TO read The Golems of Gotham. I know that you'll love it.

    The next couple of days is going to be an asswhip, in that I still have so much work to do. Good luck with your last paper.

    We should a set a day in the near future--maybe in the next week or so, once we're done with the semester--for a play date. Perhaps another cultural day.

    By the way, I too, have been obsessing over Dave Matthew's "Some Devil." It has been the background music in my household for the past several days.

  8. Thanks, GP! I'll probably take you up on that!

    Jeremy, you know I'm all about handsy. I actually need to go to C'vegas really early to take a form to HR, but if you wanna meet me at Molina's for drinks pre-party that would be lovely.

    E., I think The Book of Illusions is the Auster languishing on my shelves. If that one sounds good, we'll start there. I'm definitely up for another play date any time. And I might actually have a road trip idea. Will get back to you on that. It would involve a drive through Atlanta, the middle east coast and a beach. Woot!

  9. yikes @ the festival.

    we are going to Taste of Addison Friday night, you should come with.

  10. I loved the Post Secret book. I got it for Isla for Christmas. In fact my wallpaper on my laptop changes every week and I use something from their site.

    I'm glad to see your back. I'd hate to lose another of my favorite bloggers.

    I didn't like the Clocks album.

  11. Oooh, that sounds fab, Cold. Lemme see if I'm committed to anything and I'll get back to you.

    Great gift idea, Sole! I need to go check PostSecret as we speak. I haven't yet today. And I don't have the whole Clocks album, just the song. I really like X&Y, though.

  12. I love fairs like that...they are so eclectic and toatlly quirky, the stuff of movies and childhood memories I suppose!

    I want to the Post Secrets book. I just spend some loot at last week so I must hold off a little bit

  13. Funky,
    You'll LOVE the PostSecret book. It's just amazing. I need to whip up some secrets to send, but for now I'm discovering secrets I didn't even think I had. :)


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