Monday, May 29, 2006

The Goods

At long last, here are the goods I grabbed at Artfest. I spent more money than I should've, but I just love art. Going to fairs like this really is a kick in the ass for me to get back to my own artwork. I have paint, I have collage stuff, I have SO MUCH I could be doing but I'm pretty devoted to the degree right now. That artist part of me is still fighting to be heard, though. You can click on the images to see a larger version.

I loved this vase from the moment I saw it! The lyrics to "Hey Jude" are impressed into it. Everything these folks had was gorgeous. Visit their site HERE. Note: Sorry! The Beatles pottery site is down. I'll see if I can get a new addy for them!

The woman who did this photograph was great. She's based out of Austin and all her work features little tiny figurines in odd settings. I loved this one, entitled "Booksmarts" the best. There was another one with a little man standing in the middle of a crossword puzzle. As I spoke to her about this particular photo, she said the larger statue was actually of a mathematician working intently on a proof, which brought to mind my much-obsessed-over favorite movie, Proof. Elise and I watched it last night. Visit the photographer's site HERE.

I'm a sucker for glass beads. I've had an influx of green clothing lately, so these will go perfectly with just about anything.

These are probably my favorite. I was admiring a ring Elise was wearing yesterday and her earrings. Turns out the lady who made them was at Artfest, so I indulged in these amber earrings and ring. They're odd and classy. Love them long time. Go HERE to see more.

If you were interested in the damaged heart pendant, check out the artist's SITE. It's under construction, but hopefully it'll be up soon.

It was a great day. Not too hot, slightly overcast, and we only ran into one professor and his wife (ugg). I had my very first fried Snicker (I want a t-shirt that says, "I was a Snicker virgin"). One of our best play dates yet.

Listening: "Voice Inside My Head"...Dixie Chicks, co-written with Linda Perry!
Trying to figure out: What the hell I wanna say in my Ghost World paper.


  1. Yes, I would have to agree that yesterday was one of our best playdates yet. It was a lot of fun. I'm jealous of your Hey Jude vase.

    I'm trying to will the motivation to actually get dressed and leave my house today so I can buy frames for all those prints.

    However, I've had a rather pleasant morning cleaning and listening to "Mississppi Mud." Props to T for his mixed CD.

  2. Loved these things, Andi. Great vase!

  3. Elise, you should be jealous of my Hey Jude vase, just because it's fabulous. But I promise if I ever learn to pot (do pottery) I'll make you one. Maybe with some Tom Waits lyrics instead. Or Ani. I'll do myself one with 30 Seconds to Mars and Dixie Chicks lyrics. Maybe a quote about Estella. LITERARY VASES! Holy shit. That's my fortune waiting to happen.

    I didn't get a pic of you in the cowboy hat! Damnit!

    Suzz, thanks!! I love them hard. I want to hug and fondle them all.

  4. Literary Vases...there's your way in the artistic social circle right there. Perhaps you could have a booth next year.

    You should learn how to pot. As should I. Then when people ask us what we do, we can reply "We pot," which for some reason or another, strikes me as really funny.

    Then again, there's always crab cracking.

  5. Wow! Bee-yew-tiful amber earrings and ring, Andibotz! I checked out the artist's website, gorgeous stuff.

    I have a pair of glass beaded earrings in a similiar style to ones you bought--a friend of cousin makes them too.

  6. "We pot" cracked me up too. So much innuendo, so little time. We should at least start making "found art" sculptures from doll parts and perhaps doggy toenails. I have three dogs, you have two, we could have a wealth of toenails in no time.

    First, have I mentioned how glad I am that you're blogging again?? Very freakin' glad. Keep it up and don't disappear again please!

    Isn't the amber website fab? I'm gonna have to order more stuff. I can feel it. And glass beads make me twitter. I just wanna sink down into a tub full of 'em.

  7. my goodness you must have spent a fortune!!!! I love the ring/earring set!!

  8. Aww, thanks. I don't know why I stopped, I just did. And I randomly started again, I think I missed it more than I realized.

    I love amber jewelry. There was a store here that used to sell gorgeous stuff, and I'm still kicking myself when they were closing and had everything marked down up to 70%.

  9. Cold,
    My best guesstimate is about..oh...$200. But I never buy stuff like this, so I comfort myself with that fact. And I have 2 paychecks I haven't deposited. :D

    Well, I'm glad you missed it, cuz I missed you.

    And I should kick you for not taking advantage of the 70% off!! I don't think I've ever really taken notice of amber jewelry until now, but I'm sure hooked!

  10. Ok, y'all are loving all this stuff too much. So I'll say, hey!! nice crap!! Cheers.

  11. Concise and effective, Dale! Cheers right back atcha.

  12. I skipped Artfest this year and now I wish I hadn't. You've got some beautiful stuff! I love the photograph.

  13. It was my first year going, so I'm HOOKED now. :) You would like the crossword photo too. I'm gonna see if I can find it on her website and post it here. I'm gonna have to have it!

  14. Great finds! I have to know where to get a vase like that. V would love it!

  15. I'll see if I can get some info from them. All of their stuff was amazing!

  16. Some very cool stuff! Especially love the pic and the vase. Literary vases are a fantastic idea- I'd buy one!!! It can be your fallback career! :P

  17. Wow, you came home with some great stuff! Looks like fun. The big art festivals here in KC aren't until September and I'm anxiously awaiting them...always good places to get inspiration and, of course, part with cash!

  18. T., you talked me into it! lol Care to make a literary vase request?

    Good luck, Carl! When the time comes, I hope you find as much stuff you adore as I did!

    Vixen, thanks!!! I just wanna touch it all the time. Care to take bets how long it'll take for someone to do a Google search and end up here because I wrote "I just wanna touch it all the time"?

  19. Hmm, well due to recent Mr. Darcy loveliness, something from P & P would be cool! :P

  20. Ooooh, good point! I like that idea.

  21. Found you via the bookreading challenge forum. I just had to stop by and say that I am utterly in love with that Hey Jude vase! I'd love to see the website if you find it.

    Your ArtFest sounds like a bigger, better version of our Art in the Park. I should try to get to some better fests at some point. :)

  22. Thanks, Ebbye!

    Kate, thanks for stopping by. I'll definitely let you know if I find out anything about the "Hey Jude" vase people.


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