Thursday, May 11, 2006


ALMOST DONE!! Almost like one page left. I have more to say, I have some examples I need to add. I want to QUIT! I can see the finish line. My shoulders feel like two wads of concrete, I took two Excedrin after a breakfast of one chocolate chip cookie which leaves me feeling twitchy and sick, (but probably not as sick as Jeremy and Goose with their energy drinks...death to Red Bull) and I got 5 hours sleep (would've probably felt better on 4).

But I have a kickass title. Check this out:

"Composite Novel as Cultural Artifact: Preserving and Perpetuating Cultural Integrity Through Form in Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men"

Oh YES! I got my colon in there AND it's two lines long. I feel like such a scholarly badass.

Edit: 2:00...DONE! Done done done DONE! I've been done, but I've been purring over it and looking for little ways to make it longer. It's decent. It might even be good. I could've done more, but I waited TOO LATE, and I will never wait this late again. I always say that, but I MEAN it this time. DONE! God, I wish I could go to sleep, but I have shit to do. Including sit through one last class tonight. Ugg!

In the meantime I'll be listening to celebratory music. Ben Lee and Foo Fighters anyone??


  1. That is a kick-ass title. It's very high-brow.

    Wish me luck as I clean the shit out of T's apartment.

    See you tonight.

  2. Dude, I can't help but have colon-ized titles. It's the only way! I charted the success of my essays with a colon in the title and found that the grade is higher when it's there. Colon-less titles mean subpar work.

    You want the best possible grade? Slap a badass quote below the title and before the actual paper. That shit's hardcore. The film professor fell for that one twice when I was an undergrad.

    Finish strong and proud.

  3. go go go go go go go !!! :)

  4. w00t! Finishing stuff is so fab. Rocking title as well. Now go party!

  5. Andi - You are WORKING YOUR BUTT OFF! Congrats on finishing your work.

  6. Oooh, thank you, E! I'm flattered to hear that from you. Good luck cleaning. I hope you brought some rubber gloves.

    Goose, the quote idea is SO good, but at this juncture I'm too lazy to go find one. I'll just have to be sub-par. Next semester I'm all over it, though.

    Gus, I'm GONE! Done! Woot! Let me celebration begin (after class tonight).

    Thanks, Good Girl!

    Thank you, Funky! It feels gooood.

  7. congrats on finishing!
    go get a drink or four.

  8. Colons are essential in the Academy. Henry James would've gone a lot further if he knew of punctuation marks other than commas. You're on your way, Andi!

  9. Congrats! =) And the title does sound good.

  10. Oh thank the Goddess, this means that the paper I submitted to Dr. Jacobs is saved. I used a quote below the title, and it is from Foucault. Does this mean I am strong and proud and will grow to be a stong warrior? By the way A-Train, I hope you enjoyed Mules and Men as much as I did.

  11. Love the title. So who is this Ben Lee? What kind of music is it?

  12. Thanks, Jessie!

    Cold, it turned into 12 drinks, I think. I just got home (5:45am).

    LOL, thanks, Suzz. And Henry James needed more than a colon!

    Thank you muchly, Cher!

    You're good to go, Fem. :) And I did enjoy Mules and Men very much, but I'm SICK of Hurston for a while. D-rock kept referring to me as "the Hurston scholar" tonight. Ass whip.

    Sole, lemme get back to you on that when I'm more..don't wanna say sober. Aware!

  13. Yay Andiroo!! And that is definitely one kick ASS title. Love it! And congradulations!

    Hope your head doesn't hurt too bad ;)

  14. Congrats! The only time I ever got to use a colon was in for my final English essay. Perception of Polynesia: Cultural somethings of something else in the work of blah blah someone.

  15. Thanks, Heatheroo!!! And I've discovered the key to avoiding a hangover...don't go to bed! :)

    Fence, that is a fabulous title. LOL I can imagine myself really throwing in a "blah blah" in a title.

  16. i love your title. for shits and giggles I dug up my plath conf. paper.


    "People as Dust, Dybbuks, and Macaws / Objects As Comforting Friends: Dehumanization and Anthropomorphism in The Bell Jar"

    now say that 10 times as fast as you can!

  17. I got my colon in there

    I think I need to do more mind stimulating work. For a minute there I thought you were talking about your colon, not the puncuation. Er...


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