Wednesday, May 10, 2006

House-terglow, vol. 2

I know I say this every week, but last night's episode was AWESOME! I do have one problem, and don't read this if you don't want a major spoiler.

HE CANNOT BANG CUDDY! In truth, he can't even donate sperm BECAUSE I will throw myself out of the nearest moving plane. Cameron is where it's at....he should fall in love with Cameron (and some would say he's well on his way) but never hook up with ANYONE because it would totally ruin it for me. It appears jealousy is part of the celebrity crush as well. *sigh*

Some of the best Houseisms from last night:

When discussing Wilson's supposed date with Cuddy: "Doesn't make sense unless she ran out of batteries."

"I take mine black. The way I take my brain-damaged neurologists."

"Idiots are fun. No wonder every village wants one."

"Nearly dying changes everything forever...for about two months."

OH, and one more rant. I realize they made him hop on one leg when he tossed the cane and bolted for the baby, but let's at least make it REALISTIC. There was definitely not enough hopping.

Note: I'm neck-deep in shit...aka the paper for my class tomorrow night. Don't expect much out of me until then (unless it has to do with my Hugh Laurie crush). I'm really fucked this time. Note to self: don't put things off, don't read fanfic til 3am, don't have a really nice phone convo that gets you all wired up, don't pick a crappy topic that you know little about.

Edit: 3:47pm ...BREAKTHROUGH! Check this shit out. It doesn't make much sense out of context, but it's beautiful....

"Her text is not a scientifically realized catalogue of anthropological artifacts, but itself becomes an anthropological artifact. It is the culture she seeks to communicate."

I win! Now, how do I say that in 8 more pages?

Edit: 8:19pm...I'm almost dry...bled dry that is. I have 8 pages. I need at least 4 more. I have the info in me, I'm just RESTLESS! Maybe microwave popcorn will help.

Edit: 2:29am...As of 11pm I had 9 pages done. I still have 9 pages done because I've been letting it chill. For the last hour or so I've been trying to decide whether to down some Excedrin (much more pleasant than Red Bull) and finish this bitch off tonight or go on to bed and get up and finish tomorrow. I don't have to be in class until 4:30 so I've got time. I just hate not having it done...even though there's so little to do. Ugg. To bed I go. My head is fuzzed.


  1. No, he can NOT bang Cuddy. It would be a total reversal of character, in my humble opinion, and just plain WRONG. Damnit.

    I noticed the no-hop as well. I thought he usually kept a rock in his shoe, guess it didn't work that time.

    I liked the comment, and I'm paraphrasing, He's working with only one lobe...or with one lobe tied behind his back...or something like that. And I LOVED IT when he banged his coffee mug down on the table and yelled at Foreman to argue with him. Was it just me or did Omar play it almost like Foreman was high or something? He just seemed so out of it and blissful.

    Now, please, go work for a change ;)

  2. Heatheroo,
    Omar did play it high. He was pretty freakily happy although he did snap out of it a bit when House told him at the end that his self-worth needed to hang on the job. Busted is bubble.

    The rock needed to be much bigger and sharper.

    Oh, and I heard something about the finale from Chase (Jesse whateverhisrealnameis). It's very "matrix." Some of the same storytelling conventions as Three Stories last season. I'm excited!

  3. A-train,
    I am in the same shitty boat as you regarding the research paper, except that I've probably gotten less accomplished. Hemingway will be my life over the next 24 hours.

  4. I have 7 pages but only 4 are mine. What does that mean? BLOCK QUOTES! Watch out!

  5. Oooooo I like the sound of that. Last night was the first time, that I can remember, that I felt interested in Chase's character. Seems like most of the time he's just there to be pretty. I saw hints of some angst and darkness
    lurking there. Squee! Especially if it's as good as Three Stories!

    I left you something over at my LiveJournal

  6. I don't usually like him either. Everything was tainted with him post-Vogler. I wish I'd seen more of this season. Ugg. Anyway, I liked his angst and his turning to his faith since he'd lost it as of last season. And so interesting that his dad cut him off!! I knew he was dying from last season, but I didn't know he'd already kicked over (well, I thought so based on some fanfics but I don't know how it played out).

    Can't wait for next week and then the finale! Then the DVD had better come out QUICK! I have June off, so I need something to keep me sqeeeing.

  7. Requesting permission to come aboard the shitty English paper boat.

    I'm totally with you on the whole no more putting things off kick. This is my lesson and I have learned it. I think I have about a page and a half from my proposal,, nothing else. Good call on the block quotes. Nothing fills up space quite like them.

  8. Goose, we're in hell. This is the 10th circle of the Inferno reserved for lazy English majors that drink too much, eat too much, and are blasphemous. I always thought I would like it here, but it burns after all.

    *sizzle* ass over the fire.

  9. stop reading your comments and get back to work missy.

    (come to Taste Addison with us, just think of all the fun we can make of the Addisonites)

  10. I've given in to the fact that this is my writing process: vomit up a page, pace, check comments, check the fridge, pace, wander, vomit up a page, take a picture, pace. You get the point.

    I'm checking in with my peeps about Taste of Addison!

  11. A-train, J-rod, and Goose-

    I hate to taunt you guys, but I'm DONE!

    At least it's only one more paper and one more night in the hell that is writing.

    Good luck.

  12. Thanks, E. Glad you're done. I can still be happy for others' good fortune when I'm doing my intellectual bleeding.

    P.S. I had a dream about your thesis director the other night. Nothing erotic (shiver)...weird if I remember correctly

  13. A-train,

    In the same sentiment you just expressed on my blog, you can't dangle that carrot.

    What was the dream about? I'm oddly curious.

    Speaking of dreams, I have this somewhat blurred recollection of a dream while I was taking a nap the other day. Me, you and theotherfem were in it, and I can't really remember what else it was about, except I think it was some kind of travel adventure gone bad.

  14. That should be our new catchphrase, "You can't dangle that carrot." It sounds oddly pervy (thus its appeal for me) and oddly intelligent at the same time.

    I don't remember much about it now. I should've e-mailed you after it happened. He may have been a cult leader or somesuch nonsense. I want to say there was a tunic involved.

    And I'm all about travel adventure dreams, but with you, me, and theotherfem in it, I can only imagine how bad it could've gone. Did we end up in Newark or something?

  15. I think me, Michael, number 4, my sister, her husband, possibly numbers 1 and 3 may be going to the taste of Addison thingy. It is this Friday right? Hey, Andi, do you know anyone who drives a 2006 black Nissan Titan? theotherfeminist

  16. A-train,

    Tunic, cult, and my thesis director...does not sound like a good combination.

    I really don't remember the rest of the dream and where we were going, however, I think a tour group and buses where involved.

  17. I had posted a moment ago, so if this is a duplicate, just delete it. The page came up not available. Anyway! I'm also an enthusiastic House fan! I have several of the last episodes tivoed to watch again. I love the quotes you put up. I can never quite remember them well enough, so I enjoy revisiting them. What happens if Cuddy gets pg and no one knows who the father is?

  18. House is so great. I am so thrilled that Hugh Laurie is doing so well over here in the U.S. I became a fan back when I first saw his bungling comedy work in Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster and it is fun seeing him do this more serious, sarcastic type of humor.

  19. I know he's your big crush and everything, but that picture you posted looks like a serial killer mug shot.

  20. Fem, would love to attend, but it appears my mother has roped me into doing stuff around the house against my will. And an early mother's day celebration.

    Elise, it was velly velly frightening. In a weird/funny/obnoxious way.

    Diamond, I have to record it and go back for the great lines. My memory isn't quite developed enough to catch 'em the first time around--even if they make me guffaw! Thanks for commenting! It's good to see you on here!

    Carl, I haven't seen Jeeves and Wooster (oh but I will!), but I'm a Blackadder fan. Wooonderful show. I wish it came on more here, but it's disappeared a bit in the last few years.

    Catie, but he makes SUCH a cute serial killer! *drool*


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