Saturday, May 20, 2006

I've been a bad, bad girl....

I know, I know, I've been a bad bloggrrrl. What can I say? I've been being responsible. Yesterday I was supposed to have a playdate with Elise, but she was gracious enough to let me postpone until Sunday given the fact that I REALLY needed to research for my god-forsaken film presentation and paper. The good news: I did hour upon hour of research and feel prepared to write some kickass stuff.

Today has been relatively worthless. I woke up to the sound of mom screeching, "Well that wasn't smart!" She'd apparently grabbed the blade of the electric hedge trimmers. Worry not, it was actually turned off, but the little teeth were still whirring a bit. Luckily it was not bad and she didn't even need stitches or anything. Needless to say, I finished up the hedges. We also went through phase 1 of erecting the above-ground pool today. We will likely finish the job tomorrow morning and let the bastard fill for the next two days at which time I will likely be unable to enjoy it because I'll be writing the aforementioned film paper.

Tuesday: House, MD season finale watch party at Eil's house! She and Wenchie will attend to dinner and I shall provide the cherry vodka sour fixins.

I'm hungry, but I'm gonna drink water instead of dive head first into a vat of butter-soaked popcorn. Why? Because that's what this fat girl should do in order to fit society's ideal of beauty. Society, you're such a fuckrag.

Hostility aside, I think I'm going to consolidate my book blog, Projectile Reviews, into this one. Why? Because I'm too damn lazy to keep multiple blogs. Watch for more bookishness here. I will clearly mark the bookish posts so that those allergic to the written word can steer clear.

For now (in the next post), I shall blog DH Lawrence sexiness. Watch out! Panties could spontaneously burst into flame.

Watching: Nothing decent.
Listening: "That Lonesome Road"...Dixie Chicks and James Taylor live

Edit: OH MY GOD, how could I forget to share? I'm currently the high bidder on a lot of 12 issues of Julie Doucet's underground comic, Dirty Plotte. Keep your parts crossed, babies! Pic added above for effect.


  1. I think the DH Lawrence book we bought at HP tonight may be my next read. Let's hope I can get into it so it doesn't sit on my shelf like Lady Chatterley's (sp?)Lover.

  2. Great! Lemme know if it's any good. I just finished reading "The Killers" and it was lovely as almost all Hemingway is. About to crack open Henry and June!

  3. You will LOVE that book! Let me know what you think.

  4. My parts are crossed. And you said "erecting" huh huh.

  5. Whahaha! I wondered how long it would take someone to mention "erecting." Much longer than anticipated!


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