Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just one of those days...

Like the title says...just one of those days. It seems like every car in front of me today is going 40 in a 70, everything turns to dust or shit in my hand, and I'm actually surprisingly upbeat about it.

I left my house at 10am in a vain effort to go do some work away from the lusty pull of books and sweet puppies to pet. I got to the jc (junior college, not to be confused with tgljc) with a plan to print some things for my presentation over Ghost World tomorrow. No go. The printer was GONE. Not just not working--GONE. So I tromped back out to the car and came on to the university. Again, slow people in front of me who were physically and mentally unable to merge onto the interstate for whatever ungodly reason.

When I got to C'vegas I stopped off at Brookshire's to get Excedrin Tension Headache (yeah, I had one of those too) and possibly some lunch from the deli. The deli was unappealing to the max, so I grabbed my legal drug of choice and managed to run into D-rock (one of my profs, on my thesis committee) who wanted to talk at me while I was attempting to master the minion of evil also known as the debit card reader. I'm not a masterful multi-tasker when it comes to credit card machines, so I'm sure I said something stupid at some point. Anyway, he loves Ghost World, so we bonded a little to make up for the awkwardness.

Went on my merry way to the home of the downfall of western civilization--McDonald's--because the one here is unbelievably quick. Except today. I made the mistake of ordering a PREMIUM spicy chicken sandwich. 20 minutes later--20 MINUTES--I had my sammich and was back on the road.

I was in virtual panic mode at that point and a rising state of pissedoffedness and thinking of all the shit I needed to do before class. I got to the uni, printed my crap, and went to make the copies in the office, at which time the xerox machine decided to be an asshole. First it printed all my handouts on blue paper and then stopped working completely. A little begging, CPR, and help from the secretary later, I had my work printed, I finished reading the short story for today, and now my life makes sense again.

I'm going to Eil's house for House, M.D., Chinese food, and the biggest cherry vodka sour I can mix tonight. Let's just hope Yen Jing doesn't explode before I get there. And I sure won't order anything premium.

Listening: "Brand New Day"...Forty Foot Echo
Just finished reading: "The Swimmer"...John Cheever - A+
Going: to class for 4.5 hours! 4 days left!


  1. "and then your blog publishes your post twice! gawd!!!!!" :)

  2. It is FOR SURE one of those days, although YOU are approaching it in a positive way, I am NOT. I dare anyone to get in my way today. Someone might die!

  3. Breathe in, breathe out. Drink heavily.

  4. LMAO, Amanda. I didn't even notice it until you said it because I had to rush off to class earlier. That's awesome!

    Funky, hope it gets better, girly!

    Os, good idea!

  5. It always seems that everytime you're in a hurry, the world goes into slow motion.

    Maybe you've just witnessed a massive plot to keep you from printing out your story (the giveaway was the 20 minute wait at McDonald's).

    Then again, that last paragraph sounds paranoid. Don't read it.

  6. X.Dell, you're probably right. All those McDonald's workers were undercover agents sent to slow me down. Bastards.

  7. At least it's almost over.

    I received my syllabus for my independent study today. It's kind of a whole hell of a lot of work for a summer session.

    By the way, I bought Thirty Seconds to Mars in College Station. I'm loving it muchly.

  8. Yayyy for 30 Seconds to Mars! I'm still obsessively listening. I figured you disappeared to College Station when I didn't see you blog for a few. Hope you had a wondermous time!

    And sorry to hear the indie study looks like a shitload of work. Maybe that's enough of a reason to drop Cult. in the Classroom? :D


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