Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A quick note...

I had my first HUGH LAURIE DREAM last night!!!! More later....

Ok, it's later:

It wasn't a sex dream or anything. I met him here in the States and we started seeing each other. His personality was very un-Hugh and very House. Snarky bastard and all...but fun. And very cute.

Anyway, I was with friends, Hugh and I had been seeing each other for a bit, and it was his birthday. He and me and the two friends went to a swanky restaurant where I surprised him with food I felt was very English (although I can't think just now what that might've been. I think there was a brownie sundae involved, but I was more concerned with the aphrodesiac qualities of the chocolate). I got him gifts! I thought, in the DREAM mind you...I'm not this idiotic in real life...that it would be very English and remind him of home to buy him a miniature claw-foot bathtub for his birthday. I did. He loved it. I would've gotten some action as a result of that gift if I hadn't woken up.


Listening: fabulous mix cd..."Sweet Home Alabama" at the mo'


  1. OMG you lucky thing. Can't wait to hear it.

    Wasn't part I sooooooooo good last night. OMG I was totally breathless at the end!!! Whoop!

  2. It was fab, Heather! Could've been more fab, but fab nonetheless.

    I was TOTALLY breathless at the end, too. My heart was pounding 90-to-nothin' the whole time. Foreman is an ASS. I wanted House to be slightly more enraged at what he did to Cameron, though.

  3. I kind of got the feeling that House was more upset than he let on. Especially with the way he kept saying Foreman said he wasn't her friend, why was she doing this? Why was she so concerned? And the "What does it take to get you to hate a guy?" Gave me chills, cause it's like he KNOWS she still loves him and just can't understand why. I wonder just how far he will test her to see what it does take.

    He looked really pissed to see her at that cop's apartment. When he blocked her with the cane I was like, grab her and kiss her damn it!! LOL

    Foreman was SUCH an ass, I was SO man when he got her with that contaminated needle, but it seemed like he was genuinely feeling guilty, about a lot of things (article, needle, etc). I can't wait to see the rest tonight!!

  4. You must really like this guy if you ate British food for him. Isn't most British cuisine based on a dare?

  5. And duh, that dream sounds great!!! I would love a claw-footen tub myself. So Victorian (I think?) and romantic (definitely). Too bad you woke up. I hate it when that happens!

  6. True, I did get the feeling he was more upset than he let on. I wanted him to EXPLODE though. But I can take smoldering anger. It's SEXY!! And OMG the "what does it take to make you hate a guy?" Sqeeeee! lol The shooting of the corpse was FANTASTIC in a sick, OMG way. My mouth was hanging open. And I'm bummed that I didn't get to finish that dream. I love those tubs!

    Todd, you totally stole that from a movie. Although, I can't remember which one at the moment.

  7. Oh I know, I couldn't believe it when he shot that corpse. And then Cuddy was all "I cannot begin to imagine the insane twisted logic you used to justify shooting a corpse." I about fell over.

    Oooohhhh, exploding, smoldering, angry House...sounds divine!

    So, who is the other person who gets sick? The previews are calling it an epidemic and make it sound like someone else (as in a doctor) gets sick. Think it's Cameron?

    Oh, if House gets that upset over Foreman getting sick, how will he be if Cameron does???

  8. Could be Cam. I've also heard Cuddy. I also heard nasty rumors that someone dies, but I know it's not Cam because she's in the finale promo pics. OH the tension!

    Have you started reading House fanfic yet? It's divine.

  9. I've looked at some, but haven't had time to really dive into any. I'm afraid if I do, I'll start writing it and I don't know if I want to get in THAT deep ;)

    From the spoilers I've seen, I think something different is going to happen with Cuddy. Don't know if you want details so I won't give them, but if you do, I'll tell ya.

  10. Weeeeellllllll....

    I saw a spoiler that said Cuddy wants to have a baby. And that she supposedly asks Wilson to help her out (sperm donor).

    But I ALSO saw that something happens between Cuddy and House that will bring them much closer. To which I say ewww ick and leave that plot alone!! I hope it's not going the way I hope it's not going. LOL

  11. When Foreman stuck her with that needle, I literally screemed at the TV YOU SON OF A BITCH! And for her to be so damn calm about it afterwards...there is definitely something wrong with that girl! LOL

    Can't wait for tonights conclusion! WOOT!

  12. HEATHER!!!!! He can't get with Cuddy. Either of them actually! That's all I have to say. *sigh* lol I would rather House and WILSON get together than House and Cuddy.

    Vix, I screamed too! And yes, there must be something wrong with her. Especially if she didn't grab House up and kiss him retarded when he stopped her with his cane. WOOO!

  13. ha ha, you are hilarious. I hope you don't ever buy someone a mini claw foot tub for their birthday in real life ;O)

  14. Exactly!!! I think (hope not) that it's more he'll donate sperm or something, but just eeeeewwwwww! I don't totally understand why they would want to go this "soap opera" route, but I trust these writers (for now) to make something good. But....ewwwww! Squirm. And I agree, I think I could take House!Wilson before House!Cuddy.

    "Especially if she didn't grab House up and kiss him retarded when he stopped her with his cane. " Wooooooooot!!!! Amen sista!

  15. Damnit, Funky. That's what I planned to get you for your birthday. *pout*

    LMAO and a big stinky "blurg" to House!Cuddy. I don't even wanna think about him donating sperm. Blick! "Kiss him retarded" isn't that perfect? Sounds like it needs to be an ICON! One more thing to do instead of writing a paper!

  16. LOL! That does sound like an icon. If you can snag a still of the cane scene from last night.....wooooooo yeah that would be niiiiice ;)

  17. I'm sure there will be some screencaps and I'm allll over it. :D

  18. Too wierd! I had the SAME dream last night! LOL.

    Okay, maybe not. But whilest I kiddingly mock the dream, I applaud your sense of humor. I spent the evening watching VeggieTales with the kids. Hope I don't have vegetable-sex dreams. Yecth! :)

  19. FindingHeart, I could make a completely crass comment about that cucumber, but I shan't. That said, I love VeggieTales...for more than the cucumber.


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