Thursday, May 18, 2006


My first week of the mini comes to a close today. *happy dance*

Expect to see me stalking all of your blogs tonight and tomorrow. Until then, may the bird of paradise fly up your nose.


  1. *happy dance* too

    I have a theory about House!Cuddy!Wilson!Baby...wanna hear? Boy, I'm wishing I had a LJ CUT.

    Spoilers ahead!

    I think, when she showed up in his office at the end of Who's Your Daddy, she had asked who she trusted and liked. And it was Wilson.

    Only one thing plagues me...why does House punch Wilson in the next epi? My Gawd, I hope it isn't jealousy!

  2. Sounds like you need to celebrate by doing an anniversary HNT! (I know, I'm shameless. But House would recommend the same thing, too!)

  3. Do people still do HNT? I haven't seen any for a really long time.

    Don't forget that 2 really great shows end tonight.

    I have to go to another spring concert.

  4. HEATHER! I think it was Wilson, too! I was re-watching tonight and at the end when he was looking at the paternity test for the guy, and it was a big NEGATIVE, that's when Wilson called. I think she picked Wilson and was probably waiting to find out if it "took". Yay!

    Os, good try!

    Kat, Will & Grace and what's the other one?

  5. I don't think I've heard that since middle school...

  6. LOL, Cher! I ran across a pic of you, me and Clack sitting in that closet in the GT room the day we hid from Ms. Clark.

  7. i feel the need for speed and i have it! :) [NOT the drug, i STICK to pot]

  8. I saw lots of those bird of paradise flowers in Maui. It was awesome.

    Yea for you for finishing!

  9. LOL, Gus. I pictured the high five and the gay volleyball game!

    Non, I expect to retreat to your blog and find a clusterfuck of Maui pics. *crossing my fingers that I'm right*

  10. 70's show was also the last.

    Sorry, I didn't get to come back here until now.


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