Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sleep is such a waste of time...

E. and I have discussed this many a time (because we've discussed almost everything)--sleep is a waste of time. There are so many other things I'd much rather do than sleep. A sampling:

watch House
watch other assorted TV shows (mostly of the PBS or Discovery Channel variety)
watch movies
listen to music
dance around
have sex (or contemplate the lack of)
play SIMS2

See? It's a waste of time. I love the feeling of cool sheets as much as anyone else, but the result of a comfy bed and clean sheets is usually 5-8 hours of inactivity, and that makes me crazy. If I'm going to be inactive for 5-8 hours I like to enjoy it...awake. Doing one or a combination of those things listed above.

Tonight, instead of sleeping, I've been watching TV and listening to music. I've downloaded a variety of tunes, the majority of a very angsty emo variety. For instance, did you know that Jared Leto has a band?? Remember him? He was Jordan all-silky-hair-and-killer-eyes Catalano from My So-Called far the best angsty teen show ever in the history of the world. Dawson's Creek had nothing on Angela, Ricky, Raeanne, and the MSCL crowd. So anyway, the band is called 30 Seconds to Mars. I guffawed when I saw our poor Mr. Leto on Carson Daley's show.

1. I hate Carson
2. Jared was all blacked-out..goth with cheese if you please (that's him, to the far right)

Much to my chagrin I liked the song. Oh the humanity! So I'm listening to "The Kill" over and over. Jared has quite the pleasing voice.

That one download got me contemplating other angsty emo, which led me to download "Something Beautiful" by Cauterize that I heard ages ago and never took off on radio.

That got me thinking about the other musical conversations I've had lately...mostly with Beth at drunken parties. So, I downloaded "100 Ways" by Porno for Pyros just now, and I'm enjoying it muchly.

As much as I hate sleep, my aching shoulders and back are about to win out over my desire to sit up and do mildly amusing things that make me feel productive. On that note, I go to bed.

G'nite, lovelies...

P.S. What the hell was with the e-mails we received from the poet laureate of English 521? Anyone else find those odd and slightly needy/creepy?


  1. "Birds built their homes right above my head, they make the same kind of sounds you do when we're laying in my bed...100 ways." Love it, gotta have it to breathe. Perry Ferrell a.k.a Perry Bernstein is the coolest little man to ever walk the earth. I have to disagree on the sleep thing. Sleep is the ultimate relaxation technique. Deep breathing and clean sheets are my lifeblood.

  2. If someone forced me to listen to new emo, I'd go more poppy with Panic! At the Disco. I like the titles of the songs, anyway: "The Only Difference Between Suicide and Martyrdom is the Press Coverage" is my favorite.

  3. Yes, sleep is unfortunately, a necessary time waste.

    Why waste time sleeping in bed, when you can be reading in bed instead?

  4. Beth, it's some good shit. Will be downloading more Porno for Pyros in the middle of the night tonight.

    Todd, I love your recs. I'll be looking for Panic! That is a kickass title. One of the best ones I've heard, in fact.

    E. good point. Bed is the place I like to read most often.

  5. I'll be a dissenter. I love my sleep. But I also love when you wake up on the weekend and realise that you don't have to get out of bed for another few hours. Bliss.

    I've recently started torrenting albums, and it is a lot more guilt-inducing than downloading tv programmes. But that won't stop me, cause I know I'd never have gone out and actually bought José Gonzálaz's Veneer.

  6. Yeah... So 30 Seconds From Mars have been playing on 99x here in Atlanta since the summer. Some of their other stuff isn't that bad actually.

    I've had that discussion about sleep with one one my good friends before. As someone who has fought sleep since birth, I completely understand. I think that urgency of being awake is more apparent in college. Never mind 8 hours; 4-5 and I was ready to go.

    However, while I hate going to sleep, when I'm finally out, I never want to get up!!!

  7. I echo your thoughts about sleep. As much as I absolutely love climbing in a comfy bed when I'm tired I hate giving up that time...which explains why I am often up to all hours of the night and get precious little sleep most nights.

  8. Damn straight, Panic! are the best.My personal favourite, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.
    For more good emo and ridiculously long song titles, see Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., Taking Back Sunday. Okay, so I'm a little emo. So sue me.
    If you want to find a really rather funny song about emos, download Emo Kid by Adam & Andrew. So funny.

  9. Don't let it stop you, Fence!!! I usually download one or two songs and buy the album if I like it. My connection is too slow to do a whole album. Would take ages.

    Nicky, I'll look for some more 30 Seconds stuff. I'm really lovin' Jared's voice. And I'm the same...never wanna scrape my ass outta bed if I don't have to. Once I fall asleep that is. Today is a good case in point...didn't get up until 10:30.

    I'm with ya, Carl. Non-sleepers unite!

    Good Girl, thanks for the recs! I like Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday a lot even though I've never bought an album. A good friend of mine used to hook me up with all kinds of indie emo out of NYC. I miss him. *sniffle*

  10. Oh how I LOVED Jordan Catalano! One of the only quality show that MTV ever produced and it was gone so soon...

  11. AMEN! And that episode where Ricky went dance-crazy with the curley-haired fat girl was amazing! I still wanna groove just thinkin' about it.


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