Saturday, May 27, 2006


I've officially consolidated Projectile Reviews and this here everyday blog. That being said, I'll be engaging in the Summer Reading Challenge (button on the sidebar). What that means is that I've set a goal to read 12 books by August (I started out with a goal of 20, but that ain't gonna happen). And I've also set the goal to read Ulysses as part of the 12. Jeremy and Elise, I expect you to hold me to it.

Let the reading begin!


  1. I tried to get through Ulysses a while back. I liked the book while reading it, but it was just so bulky it didn't make for easy commuter reading. Must give it another go, nowthat I don't commute.

  2. I really am going to try to get through Ulysses, though for some reason or another, I think J will probably be the only one to finish it.

    Maybe it won't be so bad. If it sucks, we should read Paul Auster instead.

  3. Fence, definitely not a commuter book. I bought a copy recently on a book-buying jag with Elise, and all they had were hardbacks. I'm SOO not a fan of hardbacks. Most people probably think I'm nuts, but paperbacks are much more comfortable and travel-friendly.

    E. I'm up for Auster any time! Only two more mini-classes, but I know you're gonna be swamped now. Lemme know when you're ready to read it!

    Non, thanks!!!

  4. A-train,
    I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant with our distinguished prof on Friday and told him how much you were raving about the class. He also mentioned how you introduced him to the wonderful world of the graphic narrative. It was a good time.

    And I know Joyce is going to be an asswhip. And you really don't have to read it just because of my substantial peer pressure--though you should.

  5. You went to Kyoto didn't you? Damn you. I want some sushi.

    And I live for peer pressure. That's how I became a functional alcoholic. Har! I kid.

    And I play to peer pressure you back into blogging. Quitter!

  6. "Plan" to peer pressure you back into blogging even.

  7. D...di...did...did you say U...Ul...Ulys...Ulysses? Yikes! Good luck with that.

  8. I did say Ulysses. I think I've completely lost my mind. I'll be a permanent resident of Sparknotes as I'm reading, I'm sure.


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