Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What the FUCK!

Will he or won't he?? The House fans know what I'm talkin' about. I just wanted to THROW up tonight. But then I kinda wanted to *squee* too. So conflicted.

Careful! There will inevitably be spoilers in the comments section.


  1. He will. It's obvious. Can't you see it??

  2. Os, shuddup. I know you don't watch this show. :P LOL

  3. LOL @ Os!

    I totally screamed NO at the screen when Cuddy gave House that little "look" when he said she should pick someone she trusted. And liked. NO! Fuck no!

    And at the end...what do you think she was going to tell him/ask him? Was she going to ask HIM to be her donor???? I almost thought she was going to say I'm pregnant.

    She does have a nice ass though. Looked like he was enjoying himself!

  4. Ugg, she does have a nice ass. The alcohol swabbing part was equal parts hilarious and painful to watch. lol

    I dunno what was up at the end. Either she was going to ask him to be the donor, someone's already donated and she's waiting to see if it "took", or she just wanted to tell him she likes/trusts him. Uggg. Uggg ugg ugg. There'd better be some MAJOR House!Cam moments soon or I'll be so disappointed.

    Do you think he really screwed the friend over or was he just trying to get at Wilson's lunch? I love Wilson. I might make Wilson my next crush.

  5. I so love Wilson. He is such a sweetie. And cute too!

    Uggggg is right. I just don't like any of it. Cuddy can go have her kid, but a kid would seriously not be good for House right now and Cuddy, of all people, should realize this. Wilson said it best last night "he's still a 17 year old."

    But I didn't like it when he asked Crandall about why he wanted to be a dad. Ugggg.

    If you go to and look at the gallery there are several pics of House/Cameron together next epi. And I've seen rumors that they "have a moment." Fingers crossed!

  6. YAY for moments!!

    So what do you think is up with this massive new leg pain that requires morphine? I've seen some conjecture that says "emotional distress" for whatever reason...Cuddy, getting numb to the vicodin, etc. I know he looked damn cute in his pj's at first. *drool*

  7. I loved the way he added "and like" at the end of that. But I can't see the writers going there in this story line. It'd change the character of House too much. Give him more of a "humanity" edge that he doesn't have now, which is what makes him, and the show, so popular.

    And I can't wait for next weeks season ender! OMG! The previews! WOW!

  8. I was wondering that myself; why the sudden worsening of pain. Especially given the rumors that they are going to take away the leg pain in the last episode. Hmmm....questions, questions.

    And yes, he did look damn cute in those pjs! And is it my imagination or that t-shirt...the one he had one under his suit coat...doesn't he have the same one in red and brown? Now black? Must LOVE that t-shirt!

  9. Vix,
    I have a hard time seeing the writers go there, too. Even Hugh Laurie has said that hooking up with someone or getting even remotely emotionally involved would throw everything off. AND I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Same to rumors that they nix they cane in season 3. His little moments with various people when he shows tenderness are enough to make us like him...because we know he's got some emotional depth underneath, and they need to leave it at that.

    I'm hoping it's a way to squelch the idea that the cane goes. And, I also read some David Shore comments this morning that said they'll deal more heavily with the addiction next season, which could play nicely with the morphine shooting.

    And I NEED to know what that shirt is. I'd get one in every color. It's a cool shirt. lol

  10. the preview for next week looks RAD!!!!!!

    the count down for LOST is on.
    i almost hate tuesdays now cause lost is not on tuesdays but house IS so tuesday is still ok.

  11. LOL, Gus! The season finale does look fabu. House in a gown all ep??? HELL YEAH!

    And I've gotten out of the Lost loop (shame on me!), but I'm kinda back in it now. Can't wait for season 2 to come out on DVD so I can catch up.

  12. Well, if it makes you feel better, it'll just be a turkey baster thing, no sex. If you have sex on drugs for IVF, you might end up with septuplets.

    I have a friend who did IVF last year. She's a source of comfort when it comes to House's sex life. ;)

    Gypsy Poetry

  13. I really have to start watching that show...

  14. GP, that's a GREAT point. Very comforting indeed. I just hope the turkey baster doesn't lead to any feelins which would lead to sex later. Those turkey baster's can be dead sexy sometimes. Or so I hear. I like to think House just wants to "win" since Wilson got asked to audition first.

    Non, you HAVE to start watching the show!! Go rent season 1. AMAZING! And so much snark. You'd totally appreciate the snark.

  15. OH I'm excited to hear that they will get into the drug addiction more next year. When he pulled out that morphine...whew! He is definitely getting worse and for them to take away the reason for the just doesn't work for me! Of course, by this point he's well and truly addicted. The pain wouldn't really matter.

    I can not wait for next week. The pictures of House in the gown have me drooling!

  16. I LOVE the gown. Did you see the scenes from next week where he says he thinks he's going crazy? I think the explanation for the lack of cane will be one of two things:

    1. He's delusional because we already know it's supposed to be a cross between The Matrix and Three Stories. So many yummy possibilities.

    2. That whole idea of the brain gating pain. Whatever hurts worst registers first, thus the gunshot negates the leg pain. We'll see.

    And I agree, the drug issue really needs to be addressed more next season. Rehab, here we come! Ha!

    And the clinic is truly my favorite part of the whole freakin' show. That red kid last night cracked me up. And the masturbating girl in Euphoria. "She needs to woohoo the hoohoo." LOL

  17. I rather liked Ya-ya'ing the Sisterhood. Guess cause I'm Southern. I do so love the clinic. So many hilarious things happen there. And I wonder if the red kid and his mama were really related because good Lord they looked a lot alike. A even thought the kid was cute!

    I hope hope hope it's just an hallucination, the whole cane thing. Hopefully it's just a spoiler gone horribly wrong! Rumors Gone Wild!

  18. I enjoyed this episode, for more than just the gratuitous butt shot!!! I'm really looking forward to the season finale which looks great!

  19. LOL, Heather. Ya-Yaing the Sisterhood was a great one, too!

    Carl, I must say, even though I'm not a Cuddy fan, she has a nice ass! My film prof mentioned House in class yesterday and I screeched aloud. :D


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