Monday, June 26, 2006

5 things on my nightstand you ask?

I read Blitch's blog, thus tagging myself.

Five Things on my Nightstand:

1. Very fabulous frosted glass/stainless steel lamp
2. Alarm clock (instrument of the devil)
3. Until yesterday, dust
4. A small digital voice recorder, for catching bits of brilliance before they leave me completely
5. A black/white picture of my grandparents looking all 1950's movie star chic--in a brown, upholstered, beaded frame.

Now you.


  1. I like the "until yesterday" dust. I have about, oh, 2-3 years worth on mine, which covers everything else, so I don't know what else is under there!

  2. I finished off my cleaning frenzy yesterday. I even shredded old bank statements and stuff. It was quite an asswhip.

  3. On my nightstand...
    1) FUCKING alarm clock
    2) television remote
    3) lots of dust
    4) a glass of water from last night
    5) a jar with pens

    Oh, and Bonus 6) a cordless telephone

  4. I suspect you dusted just for this posting.

  5. 1) a PDA as an alarm clock
    2) birthday cards from my wive
    3) sketches and a pen
    4) a book on tarot
    5) a nightlight

    and I'll give 6 tons of dust as a bonus. ;)

    PS We just started a new blog centralized around nightstand memes, I'm not posting the URL here because I don't want to spam? ;)
    (it's in the link list of our blogger blogs)

  6. 1. dust
    2. cell phone as alarm clock
    3. book that i am currently reading
    4. pretty lamp with fancy lampshade (so covered in dust)
    5. no less than 3 empty water bottles.

    odd thing about the water, i love to drink water that has been sitting out all night. totally gross considering a have animals, but there is something about room tempature water that I love.

  7. Funk, FUCKING alarm clock is right. Whoever invented those things was a minsanthropic bastard. I have a cordless tele on my nightstand, too, just try to use it as little as possible.

    Quill, normally you would be correct. However, I went into a cleaning frenzy that was unrelated to this meme.

    P&W, I'll check it out. I love nightstand meme's.

    Cold, don't tease me. What book are you currently reading? Hmm? Hmm? Booksluts wanna know! And I generally have 3-4 empty water bottles and/or 3-4 half-empty glasses of water on my nightstand. However, I do not enjoy water leftovers.

  8. I started Mrs. Dalloway yesterday.

    I finished Alias Grace last night, so it is still on the night stand as well. Have I mentioned how much i lurve Atwood in the last five minutes? 'Cause I do. Oh so much.

  9. I lurv Atwood too! Have you read The Robber Bride? I can't remember if I've asked you that before. It's an amazing book.

    And I have Mrs. Dalloway! Maybe I'll read that one next!

  10. On my nightstand . . .
    1. Really cool stainless steel lamp
    2. Funky silver alarm clock, which I love till it goes off
    3. Pitcher full of purple silk flowers
    4. A coaster
    5. Last night's water bottle (I feed my old water to the plants - maybe that's why one recently died)

    There's lots of dust, too. The phone, unfortunately, is across the room. That's why I was so happy to be up when 911 called me about the sheriff on my driveway, but that's another story. :)

  11. Bookfool, I need a cool silver alarm clock. Mine is old 90's white that's starting to yellow a bit. And I give my leftover water to my bamboo plant. Also looking a little sickly these days.

  12. Andi,

    I got my cool clock at Target. I love Target.

  13. We I wrote the bed table post I meant to add a picture of my table. I over organized myself and didn't find it 'til today.

    Yes, one can be overly organized!


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