Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have the best blog friends EVER!!! This is my token of appreciation/ode to the Funky Bee. And I gave her a promisory note on a kidney if she ever needs one. It has to do with House, and I'll be forever indebted for her kindness. *smooch*

No more details now. You'll just have to wait.


  1. I hope your kidney is compatible. I'd hate the thought of you running all over Texas with a knife in your hand looking for a suitable donor.

  2. im quite jealous - no one has got me a pressie yet today! spill....

  3. X, that is a rather horrifying image. lol

    Dale, that sounds a bit like my biological clock.

    Awww, AMS, I'll send you a pressie. Books are my specialty. :)

  4. YAYYY Andi, you are too sweet. Thanks for the props. Wait until you get your present before you thank me, you might be dissapointed, but with your obsession I doubt it!

  5. Funky, I'll love it, I'm positive!


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