Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm dead. I come to you from the grave.

The Jesus of basketball could not save us from a tragic championship death. *bawl*

I'm going to go hang out at the Gap in the Galleria and Richardson-area sushi restaurants in a vague attempt to meet and console Dirk. We could read to one another while he plays the guitar (since that bridge isn't conducive to saxophoning).

*stabs self in the eyeball*

Isn't he pretty?

Listening: "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"...Panic! at the Disco

Almost forgot--was officially accepted to the Southeast Pop Culture conference. Will be giving my paper on the translation of Ghost World from graphic novel to film. Watch out Savannah!


  1. I'm currently contemplating the best way to end everything after the depressing fucking game 6. I'm officially bitter for the next week.

  2. Wasn't that the most depressing fucking game you've ever seen? We're so good to have performed so fucking horribly in this series. I'm thinking my suicide of choice is going to be an industrial dry cleaning bag over my head.

  3. Judging from tonight's blog comments, I may be the only person left in the department tomorrow morning, mainly because I refuse to contemplate suicide over things like basketball. There are more significant things to want to kill yourself over, at least such has been the trend in my life.

    I admit, I did want them to win, however.

    Speaking of bitterness, I'm going to be extremely bitter if I don't get accepted to this conference.

  4. Andi,

    Congrats on the conference--Like E. I too will be bitter if not accepted, but not at you so much as the evil buereaucratic conspiracy of fucking pseudo-terrorists that call themselves the selection committee--not that I'm negative or anything...

  5. E., I'm still alive but just barely. I might go stick my head in a paint bucket to finish myself off. I'm going to be extremely bitter if you don't get accepted, too.

    Charles, it sounds like perfectly healthy skepticism to me.

  6. "Or maybe death by swim cap."

    I don't think "swim cap" quite gives that head covering justice.

    How about death by giant prophylactic instead?

  7. congratulations on the conference! Go get 'em, Tiger!

  8. Death by swim cap is actually possible, they do stretch enough. In fact, back on swim team as a teen, we managed to fit my little sister into a swim cap and she was probably 5'0 at the time.

    Anyways, I don't live in Dallas but I was rooting for the Mavericks. I didn't want MIA to win at all. jerks. this sucks

  9. Congrats on the paper being accepted, Andi!!

    Well, I was stunned when Miami won. I should never venture out of the world of baseball in making predictions.

    I think Dallas just got caught in a massive redistribution of karma among Shaq, Kobe, Phil Jackson and Jerry Buss (Laker owner). It was so very deserved but I'm sorry for Dallas, anyway.

  10. I think Dirk is one of the top 5 players in the world. I hate that Dallas had to lose but I LOVE the fact that my favorite player, Shaq, won again.

    Go Miami!

  11. Yay about the paper! Bummer about your team.

    The Hurricanes won the Stanley though! Yay NC!

  12. Thanks, Vixen!

    Kitty, amazing swim cap story! I'd love pics of that! lol And thank you for your sympathy wishes for the Mavs. It touches my heart. *sob*

    Suzz, thank you. We're all coping here as best we can. *urrp*

    Sole, I just lost a bit of respect for you. Shaq is one of my least favorite players of all time. *vomit* Hopefully time can replace my faith in our friendship. ;)

    Heather, that is true! I'm happy for NC, this being their first professional sports title and all.

  13. ill be on the lookout for ya.....

  14. I hope you're going to insist they play you on at the conference with Jaan Pehechaan Ho Andi! I wanna think of you frenetically dancing your way to the lectern, hair whipping about and then just very quickly composing yourself and delivering the goods.

  15. The next time I come over to swim, I'll have to take pictures of the spectacular water acrobatics starring you and the swim cap.

    By the way, did we ever name the swim cap?

  16. The swim cap was not named. Perhaps Condi the Swim Cap would be appropriate.

  17. Thanks, Cold! We still need to do dinner or drinks.

    Dale, that is EXACTLY what I had planned for the conference! I love that song. It throws me into spasms every time I watch the film. It was quite embarrassing in my film class over the mini until everyone in the class joined me--one throbbing mass of Bollywood love.

    E., I don't think we did name the swim cap. Although, J's idea to name it Condie is quite entertaining on a number of levels! There shall be no pics of the water whip. The world would implode, and I'm just not ready to go yet despite the Mavs' loss.

  18. congrats!!!

    i am ignorant of the ways of the basketball but go dirk or whatever!!

  19. Can't believe how Dallas chocked after game 2. I was really hoping for a 7 game series and wanted to see Dallas pull it off.

  20. Carl, that makes two of us. The thought of it still makes me want to vomit.

  21. I'm more upset that Edmonton didn't win--and I don't even like hockey.

    Sorry I'm late over here. My mind hasn't been right as of late. Congrats on the conference!

  22. Thanks, Os! No worries...I know you have things on your mind.


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