Thursday, June 01, 2006


Whew! Everything's done with the May-mini, so I'm taking a moment to breathe and read and be lazy. I slept til 10 this morning, and I can't even remember the last time I did that (on purpose).

My uncle is being an asshole again. Some of you might remember his drunken request for thousands of dollars several months ago. We haven't talked to him in 10 months, and all of a sudden he called SEVEN TIMES yesterday. The last of which was at 12:24am just to piss us off, I'm sure.

The night class I'm teaching starts tonight. I'm sure I'll let ya know if there are any tools in there. I usually like summer classes, though. The classes are small, relatively mild-mannered, and QUICK. I'm teaching from 4:30-9:20 on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Although, I seriously doubt I'll keep them the whole 5 hours. That's a bit much even for a talker like myself.

At page 100 The Golems of Gotham is still heavenly.

The pool is UP! I will begin establishing my kickass tan today.

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  1. sweet, does that mean you're done with school for the summer? (obviously, aside from teaching school?)

    Good luck on that kick-ass tan ;)

  2. yea for the pool!!! mmmmmm @ golden tans

  3. Be sure you do the before/after pics so that we can see how much you really do tan!

  4. Kitty,
    Not quite. I'm doing an independent study in the second summer session and helping the prof teach some of it. I'm actually looking forward to that one!

    Cold, yea is right!! Now if the sun would come out, life would be perfect!

    Os, I think I'm going to take up one of the HNT retiree buttons. :(

  5. Yay for pools! I wish I had the time for some relaxation. Get a tan and enjoy some down time.....

  6. Good luck with tonight's class.

    So when can I come over with a six-pack and lay out with you?

  7. I've neverr taught summer classes, but I've always wanted to--just for the air conditioning, you know.

  8. Sole, I wish you had time to relax, too! You deserve it!

    Elise, whenever ya want! I have a dentist appoint smack-dab in the middle of tomorrow, but no weekend plans to speak of. Lemme know when you're free.

    X., it's all about the air conditioning! And I never feel as bad about teaching in jeans in the summer. :)

  9. Oooooo layin' out in the pool...just a little slice of heaven. You deserve it.

  10. I'm really looking forward to the Summer II class, too. I'm just hoping the barbarians class doesn't hand my ass back to me.

  11. Good choice with the Chicks, Andi. I saw them in concert a few summers ago -- when I wasn't even a fan -- and they blew me away. So I became a fan.

    Yay on the pool and ummmm, I miss bitching about teaching with you. Sigh.

  12. Thank ya, Vixen! I didn't get to lay out today after all...cloudy. Cloudy = cold me.

    GP, well it is a class on Barbarians after all...ass handing is to be expected in some form or fashion. :D

    They're fab. Can't wait til they come through Dallas again. I've seen 'em twice and both were great shows. And tonight's class was somewhat unbitchworthy. They were pretty good, damnit.

  13. What are you doing Saturday morning/afternoon?

    Going to your house and laying out just might get me out of cycling.

  14. I don't have any plans Saturday, so lemme know what time you wanna come over.


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