Monday, June 26, 2006


I'm listening to "Moonlight Sonata" and it's making me sleepy.

Mike Shinoda has one of the most soothing voices in the universe. He's the cute Asian rapper from Linkin Park. And he lays down phat beats. You heard me. Whitebread just said "phat beats."

There shall be a flurry of activity around my computer for the next few days. I have the 'zine to get online and some revising to do.

I've been reading like a maniac. 200+ pages of Cover the Butter (Carrie Kabak) tonight. I'll be reviewing it for the 'zine. Keep an eye out.

The house looks amazing. The trim is painted, new fixtures hung on the front porch, fence mended, new roof on the sunroom, etc. I'll take pics. It's so cute I can hardly stand it.

I hope this little get-together of my school peeps comes together. I need to let off some steam. Because it's depressing to drink a double-tall cherry vodka sour alone at midnight (last night).

Coherent thoughts to come in the next few days. I have things stewing.

Listening: "Walking on Broken Glass"...Annie Lennox...because "Moonlight" was about to do me in.


  1. "Because it's depressing to drink a double-tall cherry vodka sour alone at midnight (last night)."

    Why didn't you call me? You know I'm always up late and could always use a drink.

    I burned you a few CD's this weekend. One of them is by this kind of folksy, kind of country singer I've rediscovered. It's good, it's angsty, it's sad. Definitely dark room.

    Hmm. I bet the promise of dark room music just made you feel tons better, didn't it?

    I'm ready to play again.

  2. I'm ready for my NY trip to be over with and I haven't even left yet.

    Call me. We can drink together over the phone.

  3. I'm not even sure I'm sober yet from the drunken binge I participated in on Sunday. But you know me, A-train, I'm always down to get fucked up.

  4. A,

    Alright, since we've discussed the drinking without making any plans--what days are good for all?

  5. I should've called you, E. In all honesty, I didn't wanna leave the house, though. So I drank a double-tall cherry vodka sour in my underoos while I watched House. Then I promptly went to sleep. I'll make it up to you Wednesday by drinking a double-tall cherry vodka sour in the pool. In a green swim cap. I'm burning you some CD's today. Panic! at the Disco!

    NonGF, yes, we should drink over the phone.

    Jeremy, you're a trooper and that's why I *heart* you. I owe any tolerance to alcohol I have to you.

    Charles, I'm free any time after Thursday at 5:00.

  6. Does Mike Shinoda also have another project right now??? Dort Meyer or something? Is that the same guy? If so then I agree completely, his voice is amazing.

  7. THE Orange Blossom Goddess!!! Love your blog. Glad you stopped in.

    Mike Shinoda does have a side project right now: Fort Minor. There's going to be a review of it in the July issue of Estella's Revenge (my brainchild/webzine populated by bloggers including Amanda A. and others).

    I *heart* Mike S.


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