Friday, June 30, 2006

Miss Anthrope

Misanthropy is a general dislike of the human race. It is not dislike of individual human beings, but rather dislike of the features shared by all humanity throughout place and time, including oneself. A misanthrope is thus a person who exhibits a general dislike of humankind.
I give you the face of misanthropy:

Yep. That's right on the money. Today was one of those days in which the overwhelming weight of stupidity is enough to make you want to disembowel yourself with a garden fork. Due to issues of legality I can't tell you how unbelievably stewpid one of my students was tonight. I'll never understand why people attempt a college education when they're going to stop showing up the last week. Os, that's who you should be worried about your tax money going to.
As for the self-loathing part of misanthropy, I shall pass on talking about that. It's much more fun to bitch about other people. Incidentally, today I came to the firm conclusion that I know everything and I'm always right (because I know everything). So perhaps I'm redefining the misanthrope. Or maybe I'm no longer human. Either way, I have confirmation that this epiphany is true. Which I already knew. Because I know everything and I'm always right. Do you see the pattern here?
Tomorrow, the long-awaited post about my penchant for aural stimulation. If I feel like it. I might float myself into a pruney state of sunstroke-induced bliss instead. But there will be music.
Listening: "Over My Head"....because it's fabulous


  1. Sometimes the overwhelming realization of the general population's stupidity (and I'll admit I sometimes include myself in this category)is enough to make me want to hibernate for days.

    I can't wait to hear the student story.

  2. UUggh! People are dumb, dumb, dumb! It baffles me every day how ignorant some can be. Sorry you are having a miserable time. Good luck, maybe someone will bring back your faith in humanity soon...

  3. I'm a misanthrope too! It's just that others can't compare to me and therefore humanity disgusts me.

    People are stupid and annoying. so are children.

    We should form a club! sort of a, cool people club! :)

  4. Declare yourself emperor and claim divine selection; therefore, you need not feel bad about eliminating, er, I mean "sanitizing" the undesirables.

  5. People are the worst. Come join my cult in the mountain hinterlands.

  6. (1) Funny. I wouldn't have guessed that the face of misanthropy would be nearly as pretty.

    (2) Watch out, however. Those people who think they know everything are a really annoyance to those of us who actually do:-)

    (3) Misanthropes can be quite entertaining, actually (e.g. Jean Shepard).

    (4) Dumb students can be equally entertaining (they make for great stories).

    (5) Garden forks aren't very good for disembowling oneself. I would suggest a heavy-guage knife.

  7. E., if you only knew what B said to me today you would understand my even greater realization that the human race is doomed. You'll hear about it later.

    Funky, my faith isn't quite restored yet, but I'm becoming nicely desensitized.

    Kitty! Great idea. Except the "bitter people club" might be more appropriate.

    Charles, I knew I was gonna like you from the beginning. Capital idea.

    Quill, hinterlands are my favorite!

    Kat, I love you. Not even because you tell me I'm pretty.

    1) *blush*
    2) oooh, I smell a challenge
    3) good point
    4) they make the BEST stories
    5) good to know...I'll get right on that.

  8. Challenge isn't bad if it allows both of us to improve our games:-)


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