Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More good news!!! (and a story)

I got a grant!!! I got a big honkin' grant! More to come once I get dressed and drag my ass to work!


OK, so about this grant. I've been in a perpetual state of irkishness because, until this morning, I hadn't heard anything about financial aid for next year. BIG PROBLEM! Financial aid has been an absolute necessity in the past, and while I could PROBABLY conceivably pay out of pocket next year, I would just get by (aka, no eating, no buying gas to get to school, and certainly no drinking with the peeps). I was mentally preparing myself to be even poorer and to not be able to pay on student loans next year. UNTIL, I checked my e-mail this morning. The financial aid dept has been slow this time around because one of the head honchos quit, and (to be perfectly honest) I waited longer than usual (stupid me) to do my renewal FAFSA. I was really not expecting much money.

I was nervous about opening the report this morning. Shaky in fact. I thought to myself, "Dumbass, you're gonna get one big unsubsidized loan because you waited too long and you'll never be able to have a new car, a house, or children because all of your finances will be eaten by interest." BUT, much to my surprise, there it sat. One sizeable subsidized loan, one tiny unsubsidized loan, and a TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR grant!

Keep in mind, I go to a state university. State=cheaper. In fact, at this point in my life, even though I loved Baylor, I wish I hadn't gone there. I'll be paying those loans back for decades. However, this state school business is a much better deal. That one grant will pay for the majority of my Fall tuition, and I can actually afford to turn down the unsubisidized loan and part of the subsidized loan. THANK YOU Jesus! These developments will also allow me to pay off my credit card in a timely manner and I can still eat, drink, and drive (but not drink-&-drive, of course) next school year.

Dance wit me, bitches!

As for the funny story:
At 7:30 this morning my mother burst loudly into my room, thus disturbing my odd dream about myself as a 1940's movie star attending Frank Sinatra's birthday party. Through my bleary-eyed daze I heard her say, "I have an emergency. I got a Q-tip stuck in my ear."

Oh. Shit.

I wobbled out of bed, hair all a'fro, and followed her into the bathroom to the super-lit vanity. I turned her toward the light, looked through one eye, as it was all I could get to focus, and saw absolutely nothing. She'd been de-watering her ear after a shower and the cottony part of the Q-tip came off in her head. Awesome. It was too deep for me to retrieve with tweezers, so she went to the doc this morning and they pulled it out with one of those scary, super-sized tweezer contraptions.

Let this be a lesson to you all: don't buy the cheap Q-tips. Spring for real Q-tip brand.


  1. YAY!!!! Congratulations! This is fantastic news!!!!

  2. Good job. Congratulations on your grant.

  3. Woot, woot!

    Be sure to thank all the taxpayers of Texas for funding your ass through semesters and semesters of drinking, partying and other general laziness! If I were a Texan, I'd want a detailed report of where my hard-earned tax dollars was going in this case!

    Oh, yeah--a big honkin' congrats!

    And the Sinatra dream--this was while you were in the requisite t-shirt and panties, right?

  4. Os, I think the taxpayers would be damn proud of me. Most of them are related to me, so I can certainly say they are very proud and happy to fund.

    And yes, t-shirt/panties/Sinatra dream. But it wasn't THAT good.

  5. Yay!! Happy dance, happy dance!!!

  6. q-tips have always scared me for some unknown reason. now i have a known reason. thanks.

    congrats on the GRANT!!!! Love them!!!

    I am glad to pay taxes for Andi-dandy to drink any time. Hey Os, you know we dont have a state income tax, right?? Muhahahah, all the more reason for all of yall to move here.

  7. Don't forget to pay your blogger tax when the proceeds roll in. I will be happy to forward it personally so that you want have to deal with the hassle yourself. I think 30% should cover it. Just write your check out to me to cover all expenses.

  8. Congrats on the grant!

    True story: When the hubby and I first moved in together, I also got a Q-tip stuck in my ear. For some reason or another, he thought I was joking and didn't believe me until he saw the slight wisp of cotton sticking out of my ear. Thanks to my mom (who is a nurse) she got it out.

    Just one of my crazy medical issues. Others include the time (about 3 years) ago when I woke up with pink eye in both eyes. But that's a whole other story for another time.

  9. Way to go, Andi! Congrats on the grant!! I'm not in Texas, but I'd pay taxes to keep you in school 'cause I know you'd just end up flipping burgers, otherwise. The world needs English majors, not burger flippers. Really, we do. :)

  10. Woohooo!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!

    You da bomb. The fizzle with da chizzle.


  11. Cold, *high five*

    Way to persuade people to move to the best state in the union. And q-tips scare me, too. Much more now. I always knew those little cotton sticks were evil.

    Charles, you're a gentleman and a scholar. The check is in the mail.

    Thanks, le!

    E. the Mom will be glad to hear that. She's feeling very alone and persecuted thanks to the wankers in her office. Not really, she just shoots insults back at them. All snarky and light-hearted, of course.

    LOL, Bookfool! You're a sweetheart. Thank you for saving me from the lard.

    *happy dance* Kestrel!!

  12. Damn girl, your good news just keeps getting better and better! I LOVE when that happens! Congratulations, sweetheart!

  13. we should celebrate and have dinner/drinks with non-GF.

    Really. Soon.

  14. Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel: I will never retire due to my law school loans.

  15. Congrats on the financial aid, that's awesome!

  16. Congrats on the grant! and yay for state school! (I go to state school as well cos it's cheap!)

  17. You got a Grant? Like Grant Miller? What? Never mind. Good work!!

  18. I'm all about grants. I'm trying to get a drinking bourbon grant.

  19. That's awesome.

    I hear you on cute little private colleges with a headache of a tutition. 70% of mine was paid with grants and scholarships, and I still owe 20 g.

    That's wonderful to hear!!!

  20. Thanks, Vixen! I just hope it doesn't all come crashing down on my head. I'm always suspicious of too much good news. :)

    Cold, sometime after the 10th?

    Purl, always good to know there's someone suffering along with me, although I wouldn't wish massive loans on anyone!

    Thanks, Carl!

    Kitty, *secret state school handshake*

    Dale, you funny boy you. Nice link!

    Todd, good idea! Welcome back, by the way.

    Nicky, ouch! That sounds even more expensive than the school I went to.


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