Friday, June 02, 2006

Out of the way!

Hugh Laurie is going to be on Inside the Actor's Studio on June 4th. Now, that presents a real problem seeing as I DON'T HAVE BRAVO! I offer one of the following to anyone who will tape it, DVD it, TIVO it, or just let me use their living room to watch it:

1. $1,000
2. A quick lay.
3. A batch of yummy baked goods.

Your choice, people.


  1. Hmm...tough choice!!! I have no idea when it will show here, but I would love to see it!

  2. Hmmmm....welllllll I do have TiVo....and you KNOW I'm going to tape it....I'll see what I can do ;) And, considering you are a grad student and need your $1000, and while I love ya I don't really go that way...I guess I'll take the baked goods!

  3. if I both tivo it and record it on DVD and VHS can I have all 3? LOL

  4. If you can get out here to Vegas by then, you're welcome to watch it with me! And I won't even make ya pay up! LOL

  5. I hate to tell you this hon, and I really hate to give up baked goods too, but I just checked Bravo's website and they don't have Hugh scheduled. It's Michael J. Fox. I remember seeing Hugh was supposed to be June 4th but they must have changed it :( They don't even have him scheduled at all. Wonder what happened?

  6. First things first, Heatheroo, NOOOOOOO say it ain't so!!! Hmmm. Must tap livejournal to find out what happened. Those people know all kinds of things they shouldn'.

    Marg, I hope you get to see it! Hugh is always such a yummy treat.

    Amanda, YES, whatever you want. lol

    Vix, A trip to Vegas AND Hugh. That sounds like the vacation from heaven.

  7. im in for the sexual favors (but you knew that)

    word verification :bravoztu


  8. You need to learn the ways of torrents, my friend! It's opened up a world of television shows for me.

  9. have you seen that the Dixie Chicks will be playing AAC on Friday, Sept 29?

    Just thought you should know....

  10. lol!
    I love him too, not sure if I would want him as my doctor

  11. Cold, I hadn't seen that! Thanks for the heads-up!

    Heatherina, fill me in! I need a wider TV world opened up to me!

    Ebbye, same here! He's hot, but I'd wanna slap him. But if he was into that...


  12. Torrents are basically huge video files that you need a special program to download. Instead of downloading from just one person though, the file is downloaded in chunks from different people, so it doesn't take forever. I can get a show in as a little as an hour, depending on how many "seeds" there are.

    It's great for when I miss an episode of something, so I don't have to set the VCR. Commercial free, and a good quality picture. I also download shows I can't watch because we don't get the channel, and the odd movie or miniseries.


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