Saturday, June 03, 2006

A post that once was....

I attempted to post earlier today, but Blogger was being putzy. I'm sure it was a wonderfully witty, snarky, life changing post, and now it's floating amongst the horde of lost posts somewhere out in space accompanied by an odd number of socks that I've lost in my life.

So here's the runner-up post....

Nothing serious. A day in the life of sort of thing.

I've jumped the bandwagon with the millions who play around on MySpace. I have a very VERY mixed bag of feelings about this myspace thing. Yes, it's nice to read and hear about people you might've known in a past life, but I'm one of those people that generally reflects on high school with supreme disdain, and I admit to avoiding people I went to school with like the plague. Like the boily, bloody, pus-filled plague. Except the people I like...the names of which are Val, CJ, Rachel, Cher and a few others whom I've deemed worthy and virtually unscare-able. The myspace people will not have access to my blog addy, and if they start filtering over by some ungodly chance, I shall fly the coop faster than Clinton on draft day.

I'm hastily scrambling to get the 'zine online. It's done except for a thorough read-through and formatting the fiction pages. It should be up by tomorrow evening.

I'm thoroughly toasted in the shoulder/arm area thanks to a 1.5 hour dip in the pool sans sunscreen. The one good thing my father passed along to me, besides my supreme knuckle-cracking ability, is a touch of olive in my skin--red today, golden tomorrow.

Tomorrow's agenda:
Swimming with E. from 11:30-3:30 ish
Finish the 'zine
Nap in at least 5 different positions

On TV: Jay "Chin on Your Clit" Leno...because that face protrusion has gotta be good for something. I refuse to believe evolution would take that turn without some particular motivation.
Music: Evermore
Reading: fluff


  1. Red today, golden tomorrow is ME TOO!

  2. Samalamma, I didn't quite turn brown as fast this time. I think I was more than a little toasty. More on the fried all to hell side.


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