Thursday, June 08, 2006


I stayed out in the pool too long yesterday. I knew reading In Cold Blood out in the harsh, flesh-eating rays of the big poison-ball-in-the-sky was an inevitable no-no.

This is the result...

You'll notice the noticeable line between burned-as-hell and pasty-white. And did you notice what I'm watching on TV? Is anyone surprised? He made my legs feel better.

Anyway, this literally happened because I literally read In Cold Blood for 2 hours with no sunscreen on my legs. I don't usually put it on my legs because my legs are normally in the water. However, I decided to float while I read, and while it was heaven, I'm very lobstery and in pain (though not as much as last night) as a result. Don't try it at home, kids.

This lovely picture is the current state of my back. I did remember to put sunscreen on it yesterday to avoid any further burning and the subsequent itching and peeling. *SCRATCH* Where is my hairbrush when I need it? You think they'd look at me funny here at work if I scratched my back up against doors and table edges?

And this is my curly hair. Just because I thought I'd share. I always put up pics of it straight.

Listening: Amos Lee..."Colors"


  1. I could just lick you all over! Oops, sorry! Didn't realize I said that out loud. Also not a good thing to be saying to your editor!

    Thank you for your elusive half-nekkidness! I just hope it doesn't hurt too much... I can't even bring myself to making any rude "House" comments!

    Scratching your back against doors--ever see Disney's "The Jungle Book"??

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  3. you are too cute!!!

    the burn looks painful - be careful girl!

  4. looks a like it is very careful out there girl, and love your curly locks! HHNT!

  5. Dammit, you have gorgeous hair! I want it. I have three hairs that I try to make look like 5.

    And OUCH to your burn! I can't go outside to water the plants without putting sunscreen on. I'm so white I'm blue!

  6. Andi, I never before thought of you as a redneck.

    *throws cyberkiss, hoping to make it all feel better*

  7. But isn't reading in the pool so much fun? Being horizontal and floating around in water is a good time.

    How's the book, by the way?

  8. LOL, Os. Or maybe a good thing to be saying to your editor. And I've finally found a way to shut you up about House! Yayyy! I should've been HNT'ing all along!

    I have seen the Jungle Book. I'm also wearing a grass skirt.

    Cold, thanks!!! And right back atcha babe.

    Sunny, thank you muchly. I hate my curls normally, but they were decent in that pic.

    LOL, Heather. I was so pale I was I'm a nice shade of crimson. My favorite color, but I don't want to *be* it.

    X., thank you dahling. If I wasn't enough of a redneck before, I certainly am now. :)

    Elise, it was lots of fun...I can't even deny it. The book is FABULOUS. So weird to read true crime that's so literarily written!

  9. Yikes, that looks painful.

    We're having a rare sunny spell at the moment, and the amount of bright red people walking around is scary.

  10. Yowser! That looks majorly painful. I take it you liked In Cold Blood. Another one that really must be read by me sometime. soon.

  11. oh god don't talk about sunburn itch. rolling around on the carpet usually works for me; as long as there are no thumbtacks or staples strewn about

  12. Wooo look at you, you hottie. Love the curls. Wish I had curls. Too much Indian in me though, I have stick straight hair. But I don't burn much though, either. I guess that's a fair trade. That does look painful. Soak in some aloe.

    And I did notice House, even before your legs! I think I dreamed about him last night. Must have come from watching that streaming feed you sent me before bed time. I'll have to do it again tonight ;)

  13. LOL, Fence. I had a great mental picture of a bunch of bright red people walking around looking disgruntled. Quite entertaining.

    Anita, I luuurv it so far, and it's a really quick read. I like those...especially in summer!

    AMS, that's a fantastic idea!!! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. And my dogs will be thrilled that it's something we can do together.

    Heather, pass those "Hugh dream vibes" over here!! The only thing I disliked about that vid was the relatively small amount of Hugh Laurie. lol Brian Singer gets on my LAST NERVE. It takes him 8 years to say ANYTHING. Robert Sean Leonard, on the other hand, is also slow to speak but hilarious.

  14. I burn the same way. It would take about an hour for me to be miserable for a week and then for it to all peel off leaving me even whiter than I started with. Sigh... LOL!

  15. Ah, I share your plight. We in (ahem) lovely England are having a sunny spell at the mo, and I went out today and have returned with not only burnt cleavage, shoulders and back, but also a clear line across my foot from the straps on my sandals.

    And from the state of many other lobster-like people I saw today, we are not alone.

    Love the curls on you! Why is it that curly-haired people always complain about it? Curly hair is the best.


  16. ow! take care of that burnt skin.

    your hair is too cute!

  17. Tiff, I know! It's so frustrating to get a nice bit of color and then have to start over because it sloughed off. Arrg!

    GG, I hate the dreaded sandal line! That's the worst--right after the watch line.

    And curly hair is usually course and unruly, thus the bitching. Mine was just especially well-behaved and cute that day. Most of the time it's a cross between Medusa and a rat nest.

    Thanks, LE!

  18. Andi, I'm gonna say it: Your hair looks better curly than it does straight. It is completely lovable.

  19. Thanks, Noni. I still prefer it straight, but don't most of the curly-headed girls hate their coif? It all comes back to the politics of hair...although, to be completely honest, my laziness has won out over politics since February.

  20. Ow Ow Ow! That'll learn ya, huh? LOL

    Love the hair, btw! :)

  21. I'm sufficiently learned! I swam for a few hours today and slathered myself with sunscreeen beforehand. Even read the rest of In Cold Blood without getting fried. :D

  22. That hurts just looking at it.
    My mom would sit for hours and just peel you.

    You are so freaking cute in that pic I could squeeze your cheeks.

  23. Kat, I've missed you! Where you been?

    I wish I had someone to peel me. It's proving very difficult to peel myself.

    And squeeze away. Only VIP's get to pinch my cheeks.

  24. Amos Lee - good choice. The cd's a bit of a slow burn too.

  25. Dale, I'm working on getting hold of the CD. I love what little I've heard so far. :)


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