Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stop the inanity! (not a typo)

Since the junior college powers-that-screw took away one of the classes I was supposed to teach this summer, I'm trying to make up the extra simoleons by tutoring 15 hours per week. I may have mentioned here before that in my several semesters of working for the unnamed jc, I've had MAYBE five students come in with tootery needs. With so little to do I have all sorts of time on my hands for inane things like watching and making LiveJournal icons. Such is the stuff I do instead of research or revision. So, back to the point: I'm tutoring on Mondays from 8:30-1:30 and Tuesday/Thursday from noon to 5, before teaching from 5-8'ish.

Today, I can honestly say I computed myself into such a state of brain death that I cackled out loud at my own THOUGHTS more times than I have toes. One such thought:

"Wow, I didn't realize I was wearing this shirt. I haven't looked down for the last 8 hours."

In other news, I have a fat ass (and more). So I'll be taking up official residence on the Gazelle as of tomorrow. Right after I wake up, shower, and scratch my back with a hairbrush. Thank you Neutrogena sunblock. You work like a champ! *as I peel*

My new diet: lettuce and water


  1. Too much spare time can be a killer. And they do say the devil makes work for idle hands, so maybe that's what is responsible for the witchy cackling :)

    and quoted

  2. What is the deal with Dallas area Junior Colleges??? My mother teaches at one and I cannot even describe the hell she has experienced there. Beyond belief. The politics, the bitchiness from the department head. Sigh...
    From summer reading
    PS. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Sorry about the bricks, but at least you're getting paid.

    I'd much rather be Gazelle-ing than reading stuff that isn't fun--namely articles about linguistic dialects and creoles.

    It looks like reading Beasts may have to get put off until this weekend.

  4. Fence, could very well be! Thanks for the quoteage!

    Tiff, most of the time they're really good to me, but being a part-timer is an especially big asswhip. Luckily very little politicking or bitchiness (I had to deal with that as a high school teacher) because I wouldn't have stuck around, I fear. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be checking out your blog as well!

    Elise, that is true. I'd rather get paid for sitting around entertaining myself than having to do hard work. Enjoy your creoles! At least you'll probably have some material to blog about now!

  5. I still think you need to just get away from everything and have a terrific vacation in a tropical setting. Completely de-stress. :)

  6. Vixen, I'm afraid if I did get away to a tropical locale, I wouldn't live to tell about it. Once again I fried myself in the pool. My legs this time. *sigh*

  7. know how to stretch yourself thin! I too need to be on the lettuce and water diet! At least you don't have to get your arms in wedding dress shape. Bleh...

  8. Lettuce and water? Seems kind of un-Texan, if you ask me.

    If you have a little more time, it might be time to start that novel:-)

  9. Funkster, I'm not stretched terribly thin at the mo'. With all the free time at the "job" I feel almost guilty. lol And yes, my arms are wayyy below wedding dress standards. Don't even wanna have to think about that!

    X., must do revisions for academic publication first. But I do have a short story in the works!

  10. My ass is fat too. I need to get in shape. Work prevents that. I must either choose to be in shape or not work. Damn.

  11. LOL! I don't mind being out of shape in general, I just think I'd like to shop for clothes more if I was. Lame but true!

  12. I'm right there with ya on the lettuce and water.

    Hey, don't you wish we had cheats for $$$ like in the Sims?

  13. NonGF, I do think we should have cheats for $$$. And maybe a "simoleon maker" like on SIMS2....except it seems to electrocute them quite often.


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